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Wrapped up polymer

My suitcase sits by the washer mounded with dirty laundry and my husband forlornly admits that he’s eaten all the pot pies in the freezer. I’ve been on the road too long and must attend to the homefront today so I’ll make the Synergy wrap-up brief. The two presentations that Judy Belcher and I gave […] Read more

Deviant demo

When Judy Belcher and I mentioned deviant art in our Synergy presentation, a surprising number of artists in the audience didn’t recognize the term. While Wendy Malinow’s work might fit in any number of categories, deviant is certainly one of them. Anyone who sets up her own bone-a-day challenge certainly qualifies as deviant. Her latest […] Read more

Spiraling energy

Some happy polymer colors from Kimberly Arden to start your week. In the summer Kim and her husband work with boisterous energy and sell with enthusiasm at shows all over the midwest as they work their way down to their winter home in Florida. Let the energy of these simple spirals spill over you. More […] Read more

Heartfelt polymer

Heather Millican’s pithy and positive polymer sayings bring Valentines week to a close. Stamped and painted, the words she chooses nourish without too much sugar. They’re good for you. She distresses the background for a homey touch. Data desires You can fill the holes in the polymer community’s data by completing the demographic survey. Judy […] Read more

Drawn to translucent

Kathrin Neumaier taunts us with more of her tantalizing Pardo translucent creations. This time she shows thin color-blended petals gathered and suspended from earwires. Makes you think of projects to try for spring, doesn’t it? This hummingbird seems to be attracted to the flowers! It’s a big cane (2 1/2″ tall and 6″ wide) from […] Read more

More scribbles

You may have to study Vera Kleist’s attractive scribbles necklace to figure out how she did it. The polished polymer lines are surrounded by deep grooves that she’s enhanced with white grout and called To Be Different. Here’s her Etsy link. Your scribbles You readers have been great about sharing data with Judy Belcher and […] Read more

Polymer squiggles

This colorful polymer squiggle ring is from Serbia’s Milena Babic and Miloš Samardžic’s new Bold Geometry series. Generally the pair, known as Tramps and Glams, feature film stars, artists and lost souls in cubist constructions that become polymer brooches and pendants. Their geometric pieces pile polymer twists and curls into constructions that look like confetti […] Read more

Puns in polymer

Minnesota’s Jody Travous Nee has an affinity for puns in polymer. Her “ducks in a row” sculpture perfectly describes this Wednesday when most of us are making our lists for the rest of the week. Look for the pun in each of Jody’s small sculptures – from turnip trucks to brainwashing. When Jody had a hard time […] Read more

Polymer flutters and surveys

Do these transparent polymer butterflies from Claire Maunsell make your heart flutter? The thin colorful beads are built on a 20 ga. copper wire which can be bent into a custom attachment. The customer asked for an assortment of colors and Claire happily obliged. If these look like glass, it’s because Claire brings 20 years of […] Read more

Putting the pieces together

Each of these 25 polymer squares was made by different artists following a pattern handed to them. Julie Eakes prepared the Picasso drawing puzzle and the Pingree group created the pieces in 2011. The rules were to reproduce the image you were given and to use a limited palette. No one knew what the whole […] Read more