When Judy Belcher and I mentioned deviant art in our Synergy presentation, a surprising number of artists in the audience didn’t recognize the term. While Wendy Malinow’s work might fit in any number of categories, deviant is certainly one of them. Anyone who sets up her own bone-a-day challenge certainly qualifies as deviant.

Her latest polymer faux antler is inlaid with garnet, sunstone, raw sunstone, abalone, pua. Air plants sprout from its openings. She’s offering this piece as a free giveaway to people who follow her Tumblr Inkhead site. The drawing will be on April 1.

If you’re an antler fan, you’ll love her 32-inch long polymer antler lariats. Her Etsy shop shows a wider range of wonderfully strange and deviant art.

  • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

    Years ago I saw Wendy’s work in person for the first time and my jaw dropped. It drops again every time I see her work. It’s fabulous, fun, witty, intriguing … and important. For those who feel a calling to make deviant art, her clear artistic voice is no doubt inspirational and therefore empowering.

    • reply Adriana Ayala ,

      I LOOOOVE Wendy’s work, I took her class last year in CCLV and I had a WONDERFUL time! She is not only talented and knowledgeable but a great teacher who inspires and challenges! 🙂

      • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

        So interesting! So unique. (I feel a little sick and jealous about missing Synergy. I loved the first one so much! Maybe next time.)

        • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

          Oh boy, I love that so much. I just went over and visited the bones she has been making. I’m in love with the Valentine’s box full of bones, not chocolates, too. Thanks for alerting us to this, Cynthia. Wendy has such a unique voice.

          • reply cindy coven ,

            That’s an antler not a bone. I get the premise but why not use a bone?

            • reply Wendy ,

              Um, have done research and the general consensus is that antlers Are bone….
              The idea of a bone a day is to tweak the ideas of bones from literal to visual puns, actions, etc. But in this case, the antler is an actual bone structure….
              Thanks Cynthia for mentioning my tumblr project!

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