You may have to study Vera Kleist’s attractive scribbles necklace to figure out how she did it. The polished polymer lines are surrounded by deep grooves that she’s enhanced with white grout and called To Be Different. Here’s her Etsy link.

Your scribbles

You readers have been great about sharing data with Judy Belcher and me. More data is better! If you haven’t yet filled them out, here’s Survey 1 and Survey 2 that will tell us how the polymer community is trending. We’ll report back at Synergy3.

  • reply Vera Kleist ,

    Thank you so much, Cynthia!

    • reply genevieve ,

      Love the scribbles and the asymmetry!

      • reply Lynn Lunger/UnaOdd ,

        Wonderful technique! Love the pop of different color.

        • reply suzanne ,

          beautiful! Vera’s always up to new treats!!!

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