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Dizzying patterns in polymer

Sometimes we polymer artists just want to sit and admire the work that goes into a series of canes like this lovely black and white grouping from Meg Newberg. And she doesn’t extrude! Meg has a brain made for caning. She knows how to break the process down into bite-sized pieces that she shares in […] Read more

Transforming canes

Meg Newbergs’ transforming cane shifts colors like a treasured and worn carpet. What’s one cane looks like many. It’s difficult to comprehend how the simple canes she constructs can reduce to be so complex. She’s got a great grasp of geometry and she sends out pages of pictures and explanations of a new idea each month. If you […] Read more

Tie-dyed polymer canes

If you’ve been around polymer for a while you may, like me, think you’ve seen every cane possible. But then a cane brain like Meg Newberg shows her newest ways to make an imitative indigo dye cane and you shake your head in wonder. That soft-edged tie-dye look is challenging in polymer. Her monthly cane subscription […] Read more

Painterly polymer canes

This pile of fall leaves from Meg Newberg is her latest cane discovery. (They’re all from one cane.) She loves to experiment with canes and find new patterning methods. She stumbled on a way to make soft-edged designs that are great for glowing pumpkins, spooky spiders and organic shapes. She calls them her Painterly Canes. […] Read more

Tickling your cane brain

These two recent cane offerings may appeal to your cane brain – the part that enjoys figuring out how a pattern is assembled. Would you have guessed how Meg Newberg constructed a houndstooth cane before you saw her visual tutorial? Wanda Shum covered a “Who’s da bomb?” form with tumbling block cane slices. She shows […] Read more

Heartfelt polymer

Katie Way brings us a whole bunch of very cool textured polymer hearts for our Friday enjoyment. Katie’s Bull’s Eye Studio shares studio spaces and gallery/classroom area at Upstairs Studio in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. If you want a hit of happy color or a reason to dust off your extruder, check out the header on […] Read more

Cane brain

Arizona’s Meg Newberg thinks canes. She posted this free video tutorial on YouTube featuring a clever 4-in-1 cane that intrigued me. Using a small amount of polymer and some simple cutters, she makes four designs in a hurry. Her video made the cane look so simple that I had to prove it to myself before sharing […] Read more

Crocheted polymer

Polymer artists keep telling me how important play is to their art. In interviews for my book and video chats for StudioMojo, the topic surfaces repeatedly. I squirm a bit because I know I don’t often play in the studio. I fixed that today. No deadlines or pressure! Just fun with clay. The granny squares […] Read more