Arizona’s Meg Newberg thinks canes. She posted this free video tutorial on YouTube featuring a clever 4-in-1 cane that intrigued me. Using a small amount of polymer and some simple cutters, she makes four designs in a hurry. Her video made the cane look so simple that I had to prove it to myself before sharing it with you. Ta-Da! Even my first hurried scrap cane worked.

Meg worked with children for a few years. She explains her return to polymer saying, “One day my mom brought out all the clay creations she had saved from when I was a child. All the joy and delight flooded back to me. Now I teach art to people of all ages, and I can’t imagine anything I’d rather do!” Read more about Meg’s story in this interview on Kater’s Acres.

Making complex cane design look simple is an art in itself. Meg sells her tutorials (she has several good ones) on Etsy.

  • reply claire maunsell ,

    That’s brilliant! Gives me lots of ideas…

    • reply Katie ,

      Hi Cynthia! It was truly my honor and my pleasure to feature Meg this past week on my blog. She is a truly WONDERFUL young lady and has talent with polymer clay far beyond her years.

      • reply Meg Newberg ,

        You can picture me squealing with joy at this mornings post!

        • reply Sherry Bailey ,

          Dang! That’s so clever!

          I did something relatedonce, with a simple flower can made from skinner blends for the petals (so each slice gave a different colored flower), but this is so much more efficient and effective!


          • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

            Hey, this is clever. BUT…
            A step was skipped. She went from the snowflake cutout exchange to an image with another cutout exchange in the center. Not showing what cutter she used.

            • reply Meg Newberg ,

              You’re right Lorrene! I hadn’t realized I’d forgotten that photo until it was too late! I guess the main idea is to experiment with this ideas using all kinds of cutters and combinations.

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                • reply Edie Siegel ,

                  To Meg Newberg–Meg I love your work and would like to buy your tutorial Flower Tile Cane. My problem is that I do not use my credit card online. So can I mail you a check or order on phone & give you the card # that way? Please let me know. Thanks.

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