Painterly polymer canes

Newberg on PCDaily

This pile of fall leaves from Meg Newberg is her latest cane discovery. (They’re all from one cane.) She loves to experiment with canes and find new patterning methods. She stumbled on a way to make soft-edged designs that are great for glowing pumpkins, spooky spiders and organic shapes. She calls them her Painterly Canes.

Maybe you can figure it out. If not, she sells her tutorial for a very reasonable price on Etsy. See more examples on her blog.

  • reply waikato belle ,

    I bought the Jack-o-lantern tutorial for a mere $ 5 which includes the leave tutorial. Stunningly simple but very versatile. I’ll be using the technique for many applications.

    Worth every cent!

    • reply waikato belle ,

      That would be LEAF of course!!!

    • reply Sandra D. ,

      the fall leaves are amazing .

      • reply Sandra ,

        Beautiful canes.

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