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Wired polymer

Ponsawan Silapiruti has been playing with positive/negative space as she makes wire brooch and pendant forms. " I use bigger gauge wire to make the form, then use smaller wire to wrap around the big wire and in the middle. When I put on a sheet of polymer to fill it up, the clay grabs […] Read more

Winter wonders

Yesterday’s post about translucent caused concern about where to purchase Pardo translucent polymer. When Ponsawan mentioned that she gets hers from Creative Journey Studios in Georgia, I called to make sure they have a supply. They do and you can call 404-314-5767 for details. That call led me to this dazzling picture of Daniel Torres’ […] Read more

Polymer goes BAD

Ponsawan Sila uploads her latest experiments to Flickr (and Facebook). Here she shows us Pardo translucent stretched over a steel wire armature, colored with watercolor pencils, and highlighted with gilder’s paste. “Two years ago, I join the group called Ring A Day and we finished 365 rings in one year. My rings were exhibited and […] Read more

Wearable wands

Ponsawan Silapiruti says that she has so many ideas she has to offload some of them to her polymer art to keep her head from exploding. She completed 365 rings for her Ring A Day project with concepts left to spare and she’s moved on to bracelets. Wearable wands were a result of seeing the […] Read more

Ancient dolls, modern bottles

These Ancient Luminous Art Dolls from Texas’ Tricia Dewey¬†transform modern glass bottles into icons from ancient cultures.We looked at Tricia’s luminous polymer beads some months back and now she’s incorporating the technique into her sculpture. She reveals that, “Growing up with my mother and grandmother as artists, I did not personally begin working artistically until […] Read more

Faux fun

This polymer potato chip ring from Ponsawan Silas popped up as I was researching Pardo clay use. Very convincing, eh? Funny how food references look so enticing when you decide to cut back on snacks. Where are those faux broccoli examples? I’ll be back in the swing tomorrow.

Polymer goals

Ponsawan Silapiruti’s latest post describes her experience with Ring-A-Day 2010. She says, “What did I get from the RAD project? Well, let’s see. I was asked by Lark Books for permission to publish pictures of some of my rings. Some will be exhibited alongside others made by members of the group in Seattle and sponsored […] Read more

Holiday treats – Free polymer tutorials

These links lead you to some of my favorite free online tutorials. They’re quick and fun and perfect for those with short attention spans and few minutes to play. Think of them as stocking stuffers from your fellow artists. There’s a second batch coming tomorrow. Marie Segal’s Word Stamps from Alphabet Soup Noodles Kim Korringa’s […] Read more

Maggio sees red!

Maggie Maggio’s split ring design has been a great success. Here’s the video tutorial in case you missed it. Photos of the results have been coming in from artists around the world. The chain at the left is from Vancouver’s Barb Alexander. What does Maggie want to see during her vacation in Italy? Red! Real […] Read more

Fall polymer pastiche

This polymer brooch from Cecile isn’t new but it’s just what I needed for a fall Friday. Extrusions and a tree shape added over a Skinner blend form a seasonal abstract. I’ll include these chrysanthemum rings from Genieve Williamson to my fall pastiche since her textured dark tones and rough surfaces are right for cooler […] Read more