Ponsawan Sila uploads her latest experiments to Flickr (and Facebook). Here she shows us Pardo translucent stretched over a steel wire armature, colored with watercolor pencils, and highlighted with gilder’s paste.

“Two years ago, I join the group called Ring A Day and we finished 365 rings in one year. My rings were exhibited and in a book, and I sold many of them,” Ponsawan says. This year she joined the brooch-a-day group (BAD) and she’s right on schedule.

  • reply Nena Sabo ,

    I just love Ponsawan’s work. These look great.
    I barely made earrings a week last year and poorly failed to photograph and post them every week, so I respect a decision to do brooch a day. Very brave!

    • reply Ponsawan Sila ,

      Nena, I made 4 pair of earrings for Earring A Week last year. I need to make a real committment to the project.

    • reply FloFlorence ,

      I love the brooch-a-say idea. As a writer I grew a lot during a story-a-day challenge. I’ll think about doing the same with polymer clay, just as soon as I catch up with my other projects!

      • reply Sorcha ,

        They’re lovely, and I see so many beautiful things made with this Pardo translucent, but I can’t find any. Anyone have a source, please?

      • reply Susan Lomuto ,

        Wonderful Ponsawan! Love that this looks like gut, or translucent paper. . .I think she’s onto something. Can’t wait to see more!

        • reply Ponsawan Sila ,

          Thank you Susan, I am still experiment with the translucent clay, but it is exciting to see what it looks like after baking.

        • reply Lynda Moseley ,

          This is genius, Ponsawan!

          I buy my Pardo Trans from Trish at PolyClayPlay.com in Texas. She is out of stock right now, but taking pre-orders for a (hopefully) mid-March delivery. Her prices are very reasonable, including her shipping.

          A word of warning, though. While all the Pardo clay I’ve ever bought from Trish at PCP has been fresh, I have not been so lucky when purchasing it from other online places like amazon.com, which charged 3 times the regular price per brick.

          From my own considerable experience with Pardo trans, I have found it to be the absolute best clay to work with, bar none, but it does have a very short shelf life; and if the outfit selling it is not familiar with clay or how to store it, you could get a crumbly mess.

          Be sure to ask if the Pardo is fresh batch, and if they guarantee its freshness. I found out the hard way that some places have no idea how to store it, which means it could be sitting in a hot warehouse somewhere.

          • reply Sorcha ,

            Very useful information Lynda. Thank you for the heads-up

            • reply DawnGaye ,

              Gorgeous work, Ponsawan!
              I agree with Lynda 100%. Trish is the BEST for great prices, great products, and fresh clay! She is a delight to deal with. She was even so sweet & generous as to refer me to Sue at Creative Journey when she was out of stock! Reminds me of Santa at Macy’s in Miracle on 34th Street! 🙂
              I just spoke to Sue there and she was very nice – hate to tell y’all but I got the last 5 bars.
              Here’s a hint: If you need a substitute quickly, Pardo Jewelry Clay in Agate (Trish has) is very similar to the Professional Translucent in that you can “read” thru it, etc. It has a slight yellow-y tint that the Translucent does not have. But if you are tinting it anyway, might not be a problem!
              Would love to hear if anyone else tries this – I will try to post photos on my Flickr soon.

          • reply Sandra D. ,

            Thank you Cynthia for your work that you do for all the Polymer clay techniques that you show us in your Polymer Clay Daily Newsletter.

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