Ponsawan Silapiruti says that she has so many ideas she has to offload some of them to her polymer art to keep her head from exploding.

She completed 365 rings for her Ring A Day project with concepts left to spare and she’s moved on to bracelets.

Wearable wands were a result of seeing the Harry Potter movie on an outing with her college student son last week. Ponsawan decided that the movie’s bulky magical objects should be easier to wear and more fashionable. “Have fun with your crazy idea, don’t be shy,” she advises.

She keeps an entire site devoted to her free tutorials. Ponsawan’s watermelon bangle still ranks as one of my all-time crazy favorites.

  • reply Christine Damm ,

    I really love these! They are such a departure from her colorful work but I love the dark color and texture. Magical!

    • reply jan montarsi ,

      Thanks for the Inspiration, ive started a wand for one of my employees who is a Potter freak theyve seen the new movie 9 times already!!
      And I agree every time i make a bangle the watermelon comes to mind first!!

      • reply Ponsawan SIla ,

        Thank you, Cynthia.

        • reply Pam ,

          Amazing work as usual! I am Harry Potter freak, these are awesome! I pray for your daughter, and for you to to continue find your incredible strength everyday. How you do it, is awe inspiring! God Bless You Ponsawan!

          • reply suzanne ,

            these magical wands are so excuisite! i think Ponsawan is
            one of the most generous person i got to meet through
            your PCD, Cynthia.
            thank you for giving us so many goodies!

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