Holiday treats – Free polymer tutorials

These links lead you to some of my favorite free online tutorials. They’re quick and fun and perfect for those with short attention spans and few minutes to play.

Think of them as stocking stuffers from your fellow artists. There’s a second batch coming tomorrow.

  1. Marie Segal’s Word Stamps from Alphabet Soup Noodles
  2. Kim Korringa’s Fish Cane
  3. Sandra’s round paperclip tutorial for beginners
  4. Dahlia Cane from Ponsawan
  5. Simple Heart from Diane Villano

The decorations are from Chris Kapono!

  • reply Sandra Kugenieks ,

    Thanks Cynthia. I’ve been sucked in! Instead of finishing my holiday shopping and cooking, I’m looking a website after website of fun polymer ideas! I want to play with clay but can’t! I must stop…now…but I’ll be back later for more. Happy holidays to and many clay days in the new year!

    • reply Sue ,

      What a great Christmas eve present! I too, want to go play in my craft room right now but the kitchen needs me first. Thanks so much for the inspiration that Polymer Clay Daily gives and to all of you polymer artists out sharing your creations & ideas with the world. I received my copy of Creative Sparks, yesterday and settled in with a latte by the Christmas tree to savor it.
      Thank you again, Cynthia for Polymer Clay Daily!

      • reply marie s ,

        Merry, Merry.
        Many blessings all over you and yours.
        Thank you Cynthia!

        • reply Adrienne ,

          Oh thank you so much! I have a bag of those macaroni alphabets and made some word molds using super-elasticlay a long time ago. This tutorial sure is way simpler than how I did it. All of these projects are really cool!

          • reply soazig ,

            Super beau !
            un délice pour les eux !
            merci et joyeux noël à toutes

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