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Polymer superheroes

The superheroes on Sandra Arteaga’s site will protect you today. That’s Vegetable Man, Wonder Repipi, and Superskeptical. This Barcelona artist’s polymer and mixed media art dolls range from charming to creepy to dark and deviant. You can’t help but be impressed by Sandra’s work and her wild imagination. Go dip into her strange world on […] Read more

Complex geometry

Simple geometry like Bonnie Bishoff’s can quickly move off course, take a turn and end up in the woods of Kentucky with Leslie Blackford. Leslie loves snakes and she doesn’t see this necklace of polymer links as alarming at all. Her idea of geometry and nature may differ from yours and mine. (I snapped this […] Read more

Will Elvis appear at 6:00pm EST?

A few more hours remain for voting for the Polymer Prison Project grant on Crafthaus. No registration necessary! Don’t despair, we’re close!  (The voting figures are slow to reflect the changes but your vote counts!) CLICK TO VOTE Leslie Blackford is donating one fabulous Elvis to make this more exciting. Leave a comment on this post […] Read more

Souvenir polymer

My traditional souvenirs from polymer events are snapshots of treasure chests. It’s a treat to share with you what artists are wearing. In this case the Racine Symposium participants wore a mix of new and vintage works. Tracy Holmes wearing a vintage Marie Segal knitted polymer stocking cap. Annie Pennington in her latest copper and […] Read more

Your vote counts

I need your vote! Every Fall, Crafthaus awards a micro project grant and my application is in the running. Prison Polymer: Art as a Lifeline Back to the Community is a project I’d like to nudge forward. This summer Leslie Blackford and Tammy Dye taught one class in Ohio prisons, Maggie Maggio and I taught another. […] Read more

Cats, kids and 27,000 hearts

Cats, kids and hearts – this winning combination has vaulted Ron Lehocky over the 27,000 mark in his polymer project that benefits the Kids Center. Ron’s efforts have been assisted by artists who send him their unused canes, teachers who gladly show him their tricks, and collaborators who use his hearts in their work. Leslie […] Read more

Blooming Idiots

Blooming Idiots from Kentucky’s Keven Carlton are perfect for April Fools Day. Leslie Blackford sent the photo along and I couldn’t find a link for Keven other than Facebook. If you know where she hides online, let me know. (Here she is! Thanks Ginger Allman.) Then I hopped over to Jody Travous Nee’s site for […] Read more

Out of time polymer

Imagine my surprise when I picked these beads for today and then found that the artist, Kathy Richardson of Cincinnati, Ohio, had recently taken a class from Leslie Blackford (she was yesterday’s inspiration). Let’s call it great minds thinking alike. Kathy was already a committed boho style, urban grunge, mixed media kinda gal. Leslie pushed Kathy […] Read more

Polymer grandmothering

This is my way of explaining why I didn’t get my research done today. These 3″ sculptures are all about creative grandmothering with polymer. I loved the little sculptures that Leslie Blackford was making at the Ohio Bash weekend. This blue guy with an ominous face has bitten into a fish. He joins a whole […] Read more

Polymer phone home

A snake crawls through Leslie Blackford’s polymer woodland scene and bird peeks out of one of the tree stumps. Moss creeps onto the rocks. The creatures are waiting for something. This small pastoral scene provides a perfect setting for a cell phone! Leslie worked out the structure (it’s 4″ x 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″) […] Read more