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Simple geometry like Bonnie Bishoff’s can quickly move off course, take a turn and end up in the woods of Kentucky with Leslie Blackford.

Leslie loves snakes and she doesn’t see this necklace of polymer links as alarming at all. Her idea of geometry and nature may differ from yours and mine. (I snapped this picture¬†of a piece that Leslie wasn’t sure others would appreciate.) Check out her King Snake necklaces at the bottom of this page.

Snakes pile up in the winter for warmth and mating and their patterns combine in a delightfully wearable way. She sees only the beauty of nature here.

This week of simple ideas ends on a profound and intriguing story. We see life in delightfully¬†different ways, don’t we?

  • reply Robin B. ,

    Wow, I checked out her page and love her stuff, wish I could buy a few. The King snake necklace is something I would wear, I love snakes. Looks like she connected the two pieces with a leather cord maybe? Going to bookmark her page.

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      Watching Leslie work is simply magical–she is so charming and unassuming that while she is chatting away, you forget that her hands are unerringly creating her artistic creatures–she comes to the end of her story and you look down, and where a pile of scrap clay was a minute ago, lies an incredibly intricate snake. Simply magical.

      • reply Leslie Blackford ,

        What!. Thank you so much for posting my snakes ???? I had forgotten all about these guys. Snakes just fascinate me for some reason. Randee, thank you for your words, you are way too kind . ????Cynthia, I love you big . ????????

        • reply Kathy R. ,

          I’m echoing what Randee posted. I had the privilege of taking a class with Leslie and she is all that and more. While I don’t exactly love snakes they provide a great subject and unusual necklace that I wouldn’t mind wearing.

          • reply Marlene Brady ,

            I’m with Randee too! I love taking Leslie’s classes because I have tons of fun, learn and I’m always inspired. I really enjoy her sense of humor and her ability as a teacher to bring out the best in everyone. And her art is right up my alley. I have several pieces and receive compliments every time I wear one. Yeah, I’m a big fan.

            • reply carissa ,

              I find her jewelry restful because it is always so organic and nature oriented. Even her Walking Dead pieces! LOL. Leslie is a fount of inspiration and support and talent.

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