Vintage Segal on PCDaily
Pennington on PCDaily
Shriver on PCDaily
Lam on PCDaily
Malinow on PCDaily
Cormier on PCDaily in vintage Voulkos

My traditional souvenirs from polymer events are snapshots of treasure chests. It’s a treat to share with you what artists are wearing. In this case the Racine Symposium participants wore a mix of new and vintage works.

Tracy Holmes wearing a vintage Marie Segal knitted polymer stocking cap. Annie Pennington in her latest copper and Prisma-colored polymer brooch. Sarah Shriver in a new harlequin necklace. Loretta Lam in big fall beads. Wendy Malinow’s small purse (a covered Bandaid box) made years ago after she took a Cynthia Toops class and made her one and only micro mosaic piece. Dan Cormier sporting vintage Pier Voulkos.


Please vote!

The Polymer Prison Project is slipping behind in the polls and voting ends tomorrow. Your vote on the Crafthaus site could put this important project in the lead for the grant. Leslie Blackford says she’ll make a special Elvis for one lucky voter. Vote, leave a comment (in PCD comments below) and Elvis could be yours.

  • reply marian hertzog ,

    I voted! Thanks for the views from Racine. Does the hat keep you warm?

    • reply Dorothy Siemens ,

      I voted earlier – maybe I should vote again under a disguised name :-). I, too, am intrigued by the hat – how the heck was it done? Is there any info anywhere?

      • reply Anita Kennerley ,

        I’ve voted several times, don’t know if they all counted… Such a great project! Would love that little Elvis… Thank ya, thank ya very much

        • reply linda ,

          voted today.

          • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

            Voted earlier.
            Racine? See me green. 🙂

            • reply LaLa ,

              I voted! I am hoping for the best! That Leslie Blackford Elvis would be cool too!

              Thank you for sharing what they wore! I love seeing people wearing polymer!

              • reply Deb Groom ,

                Voted and will be calling some friends to get them voting. Your souvenirs will soon be heirlooms. Wonderful1

                • reply Wendy Wallin Malinow ,

                  I voted! Thanks for the inspiring pics as usual…

                  • reply Annie Pennington ,

                    Thanks for sharing, Cynthia! It was a treat to meet you in person this past weekend…though I’m wondering how in the world I missed the knitted cap! 🙂

                    • reply Judith Hoffman ,

                      I voted! Wonderful project!

                      • reply Nelly ,

                        Just voted xxx

                        • reply Trina Williams ,

                          I voted and it was noted on the site when I tried to vote again. However you can vote many times for the NASCAR award which has one of Ron Lehockey’s former patients in the running.

                          • reply Sharon Mihalyak ,

                            Just voted. Thanks for sharing the pics from the Symposium

                            • reply Kasi althaus ,

                              I voted

                              • reply Beverly Sims ,

                                I think this is a wonderful idea. Recently in Laramie, Wyoming, I visited a gift shop that sold local artists productions. I met an absolutely charming, fascinating woman who is involved in a similar project in Wyoming. She showed me the items the prisoners had made and said essentially the same thing – how rewarding it is to work with these women, to give them back a little awareness and feeling of accomplishment. I am so happy that our community is participating in this manner. Thanks for your efforts.

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