Carlton on PCDaily

Blooming Idiots from Kentucky’s Keven Carlton are perfect for April Fools Day.

Leslie Blackford sent the photo along and I couldn’t find a link for Keven other than Facebook. If you know where she hides online, let me know. (Here she is! Thanks Ginger Allman.)

Then I hopped over to Jody Travous Nee’s site for more polymer puns – a shotgun wedding cake topper, road kill, a can of worms. Jody hears a pun and starts sculpting.

Humor may be one of polymer’s best possibilities. Happy April 1.

  • reply Tammy Dye ,

    Keven’s great sense of humor is always evident in her work. Love it!

    • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

      Oh those are fun! Keven’s little home on the web is And that’s no joke! Happy April Fool’s Day, Cynthia!

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