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Wine, Caves and Classes

Lentils two days in a row! What’s happening? I couldn’t pass up this half polymer clay/half PMC variation from a class by Kelly Russell at Sonoma Wine Country Festival in August. The polymer clay/dichroic pendant at the left is by Christi Friesen who’s teaching a number of classes there too. Polymer clay and wine…ponder it. […] Read more

Idle Hands

Here’s a bit of Shrine Mont eye candy. This bracelet was a joint project by Judy Belcher and Leslie Blackford who got distracted in a class and spent their time playing in the back of the room. It’s fascinating what a couple of bored and clever girls can do with some simple canes. I’ve been […] Read more

Polymer Podcast

New York's Alison Lee interviewed me for her podcast. The notion of a half-hour conversation panicked me. As a phone-phobic person I have never understood what chatty folks could possibly be talking about on their cell phones. But Alison is one of those chatters and she pulled me right along. Give a listen and […] Read more

To Dye For

Usually I stay away from project books but "Clay Techniques to Dye For" is a treat, successfully combining artistry with how-to's. The authors (Judy Belcher, Leslie Blackford, Kim Cavender, Donna Kato and Debbie Tlach) cleverly demonstrate how to use a number of Ranger products and Kato Clay in creative and fun ways. It may take […] Read more

Polymer Lights Up

Leslie Blackford’s creatures light up a room….really. (You should see the Vegas Rabbit at the left light up. The pig is a light too.) I intended to keep this bunny under wraps until Easter but I just couldn’t bear to withhold it. Her flying pigs, cats, birds, and all manner of Kentucky wildlife come alive […] Read more

Other Worlds

We see the world in fundamentally different ways. And isn’t that grand? It tickles me to step inside someone else’s head. Leslie Blackford led me to Kevin Buntin’s world which is inhabited by all types of strange and wonderful characters. Leslie and Kevin and Maureen and their kindred spirits introduce us to stories that we’d […] Read more

Darkside Dolls

In my web exploration I came upon some young dark artwork, Darkside Dolls. I loved the energy of this cat by Michelle Steele and think her sculptures are terrific. After travelling halfway round the world to locate new works, turns out that Michelle is from right here in Ohio. Sort of a Christmas Grinchy-looking cat, […] Read more

Clay Carnival in Las Vegas

It sounds dangerous and fun. Las Vegas (the Imperial Palace) from February 3 to 5 with Donna Kato, Judy Belcher, Leslie Blackford, Kim Cavender, Cathy Johnston, Sue Kelsey, Jacqueline Lee and Gail Ritchey. There’s a whole lot of talent here…and we’re not talking at the craps table. Get all the lowdown here. I hadn’t seen […] Read more

To London to See the Queen

Perhaps the Queen won’t be in the class but Donna Kato, Leslie Blackford and Judy Belcher will be in Nottingham at Main Street Studios this month. Scroll down on the Studios web site to see their work. Oh, the things they’ll teach and the things they’ll learn.

Pingree Convergence

It may be messy for a few days yet. In the meanwhile, Pingree folks can take a sneak peak at the pictures from the recent Rocky Mountain Polymer Clay Network conference by clicking in the green bar above. Later this week I’ll begin adding daily postings and pictures. Right now I’m changing colors and links […] Read more