New York's Alison Lee interviewed me for her podcast. The notion of a half-hour conversation panicked me. As a phone-phobic person I have never understood what chatty folks could possibly be talking about on their cell phones. But Alison is one of those chatters and she pulled me right along.

Give a listen and thanks to Alison.

If my name-dropping during the podcast sounds positively dramatic and snobbish, it's simply because I've met a lot of artists along the way. Here are some of the polymer luminaries that I mentioned:

Lindly Haunani, Maggie Maggio, Pier Voulkos (and here too), Elise Winters, Michelle Fanner, Carol Shelton, Hollie Mion, Jaqueline Lee, Leslie Blackford, Dayle Doroshow, Ford/Forlano, Maureen Carlson, Susan Rose

Michelle Fanner was a big influence on early polymer clay artists. She returned to Canberra, Australia years ago and we've not heard from her. Anyone know?

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    • reply Melanie West ,

      Congratulations, Cynthia! An excellent interview. I know how hard it is to be interviewed, but you did a fantastic job! It was great to hear a bit more about YOU, my dear. 😀 Keep up the great work!

      • reply leslie Blackford ,

        You did do such a wonderful job on your interview.
        Cynthia, I was just floored that you mentioned me among so many amazing artists,and what you said was just SO very kind. My most humble thank you for believing in me so much!
        I love you real big! ~Leslie

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