If you have any good vibes lying around, send them my way. My camera is resting under a chair in a convention hall classroom. With any luck (and your spare karma) it will be there in the morning and you’ll get your post…just a bit late.

Word is that the male polymer clay artists have dreamed up their own event, billing themselves as the “Clay Hunks.” They’re overwhelmed by our estrogen-laden atmosphere and long for something manly with more power tools.

Found the camera. Thanks. Here are a couple of quick pictures. Susan Lomuto and I are posting hurriedly from the coffee shop. The chic pendant above is from Maggie Maggio. The pin is from Linda Loew who’s new to polymer clay. I like the way it uses rough clay to good effect (similar to the European guild post the other day).

And here’s a pile of business cards from Laura Tabakman onto which she’s glued a thin textured piece of clay stamped with her web address. On the opposite side is her normal business card. Very clever, very effective.

Cynthia Blanton gives a great update on the conference if you’d like to follow along.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Look, Cynthia, a comment!! ;P

    I love the “Clay Hunks” idea… but I love power tools too. Do you think, if I lower my Estrogen levels, they would let me join? Lol!

    • reply Carl Johengen ,

      As an unfortunately absent “Clay Hunk”, I laud the guys for banding together. I’m the last person to say anything sexist about the crafting world, but seriously, it does get a little tiresome being in such a minority at events like that! Please give them my encouragement!

      • reply sharon chute ,

        Sending you some camera karma… Sharon

        • reply ron lehocky ,

          Thanks for posting synergy news for us who are unable to be a part of this historic event. I am busy with the 2008 flu epidemic.

          Kudos to the “clay hunks” movement. I would have like to be a part of that experience. The synergy from both sides of the XY/XX issue could lead to some even bigger for the future of polymer clay.

          Glad you found your camera. I would have been insane if I misplaced mine. Give my regards to all those who know me!!!

          • reply Sherry Bailey ,

            OK, minority men — recruite more numbers!! We of the opposite sex have no problem sharing the playground, but if nobody joins the group, what do ya do? Maybe the associations in polymer clay with kitchen tools make manly men afraid… ??

            • reply Krisi ,

              lovely cards by laura! pittsburgh polymer clay at it’s best!

              • reply Carl Johengen ,

                Sherry, one thing that I think does turn male crafters off is being ignored. How many times did Carol Duvall (whom I adore, BTW) address her TV audience as “Ladies…” I myself wrote her about that and she read my letter on the air and was contrite about it, bless her heart. But lots of other folk simply assume that they are teaching to, marketing toward, etc. an ENTIRELY female audience, and while I’m used to it, it still annoys me. There has been plenty of gender crossover in most other areas of our culture – what’s up with the crafting world?

                • reply silvia t ,

                  I love Laura’s ideas. She travels around a marvellous world of art

                  • reply Krisi ,

                    Just wanted to say Thank You for your posting about Synergy…we are all looking forward to where you are going to point us this week after a few days of “synergy.” I so wish I could have been there…there is always next year.


                    • reply Maggio’s signature polymer at Polymer Clay Daily ,

                      […] The colors look uniform here. On closer examination you’ll see subtle patterning and Maggie’s signature black and white shadow layers. (Note: It’s the same necklace in both pictures…one in sun and one in shade. Her colors are difficult to capture.) See an earlier post here. […]

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