Maggio’s signature polymer

I love wearing this polymer clay gift from Maggie Maggio. All the soft sage green, slate blue/gray and soft brown shapes reverse to reveal more shades of the palette. The wearer can endlessly flip the pieces and change the look. It’s a stunning necklace and an entertaining toy!

The colors look uniform here. On closer examination you’ll see subtle patterning and Maggie’s signature black and white shadow layers. (Note: It’s the same necklace in both pictures…one in sun and one in shade. Her colors are difficult to capture.) See an earlier post here.

Maggie’s site crashed last week just as she was preparing to start posting again. I’ve begun resurrecting the blog for her. Don’t think Maggie’s lost her color sense, the web colors reverted to generic ones. They’ll be fixed and she’ll have new content soon.

Maggie and Lindly’s new book will be out in August. Pre-order now: Polymer Clay Color Inspirations: Techniques and Jewelry Projects for Creating Successful Palettes

  • reply Bettina ,

    I’m so glad that she’s finally back. I wondered when she will be back to blogging again for a whole year now.

    Cynthia do you know the waybackmachine? It’s a website that allows you to go back in time with websites – maybe it’s worth a try if there’s still content missing

    • reply Betsy ,

      The color nuances in Maggie’s work are amazing. I took her Color Smashing workshop a couple of years ago and credit it with taking my work to a new level. I’d always loved color, but it intimidated the heck out of me. Her class changed all that – color is now my best friend!

      • reply Maureen Carlson ,

        I’d like to add that Maggie’s pieces are so tactile and seductive in their shape and silkiness that even a blind person can enjoy their beauty.

        • reply harry ,

          dear maggie do you know where I can buy clay that changes color in the sun or UV light.
          Is it possible to make such clay by adding color changing pigment or dyes.
          Any feed back will be appreciated.

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