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Perhaps the best view of the Synergy conference is from the newer polymer clay artists who were there. Cynthia Blanton continues to post pictures and her impressions. Ponsawan dropped her jaw repeatedly. “I am happy to be here among all other fine artists. The first time in 26 years living in this country, I felt I belong,” she says.

Lisa Clarke (aka Polka Dot Creations) gives a great glimpse of what she experienced.

Lisa’s a self-described “wife, mother and geek” who sells various products, publications and her own artwork on an assortment of sites. She has an impeccable color sense and creates buttons to embellish trendy fabrics and handmade items. Lisa seemed astonished when I told her that I’d been following her charming blog closely.

Be sure to see Lisa’s photo of the international attendees at the Synergy conference. We’ll soon put names to all those faces for you. I’m worn out from the long drive home and still riding high on the positive response that my keynote address received at the banquet. And I can’t miss the Oscars!

  • reply jana ,

    I was one of those to give Cynthia a ‘positive response’ about her keynote address… was simply remarkable! If I start listing the ways, my note here will be far too long. Suffice it to say, she made me laugh, cry (literally!), think, and gave me much to ponder for a long time to come. It was a beautiful thing…..

    Thanks, Cynthia.

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      So, now that Synergy is over, you gonna POST that keynote for the Rest Of Us??!! Come on, Cynthia!! Pretty please??!!

      • reply Ponsawan ,

        Cynthia was my roommate at Tremont. So imagine both of us trying to blog at the same time. She hogged the cable all night but luckily, I can get the wireless signal in the pantry.. LOL, I love you, Cynthia. Hope we can room together again next event.
        Sory if I snored oo loud. 🙂

        • reply Ponsawan ,

          I mean “Sorry if I snored too loud”

          • reply Jenn ,

            ok, the image of bloggers competing for the single ethernet cable in the Tremont rooms is pretty funny indeed. And what the heck was up with the wired internet anyhow? I haven’t seen that in a hotel in ages!
            Still coming down from my Synergy high here in NJ…

            • reply Polymer Clay Notes » cynthia tinapple speaks ,

              […] Perhaps with some gentle prodding she will share her observations with those who could not attend the conference – her notes are well worth having. Brava Cynthia, the standing ovation was well deserved. […]

              • reply Sarah Fisher ,

                I loved Cynthia’s speech, but I read it from her notes that were in an (apparently) secret file on the blog.

                I used a good guess and there it was! I feel like a hacker.

                Hopefully she’ll post the link soon for those less sneaky than I…
                It is a great speech!

                • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

                  Hah…I should have known better. Those were early versions of the speech. I’m putting together the real thing for you.

                  • reply Lisa Clarke ,

                    Thank you so much for the mention today – it was a pleasant surprise!

                    It was great to meet you this weekend, and I agree with all of the others about your speech. I loved it! I shared your interpretation of “Moving Forward, Looking Back” with my husband. Very funny.

                    • reply Hollie Mion ,

                      Hmmm, I thought I was Cynthia’s roommate! Maybe Ponsawan shared a room with a different Cynthia?

                      Anyways, huge kudos to all the volunteers that made Synergy such a great success. Under the leadership of Judy Belcher and Maggie Maggio, it was such a wonderful and well-organized event.

                      And I’m glad that the attendees had a chance to see how great Cynthia is.

                      • reply Polka Dot Creations » Blog Archive » The smell of brownies ,

                        […] I feel like two different people today – there’s the me that is riding the high of yesterday’s newspaper appearance and this morning’s pleasant surprise of seeing my buttons and my necklace on Polymer Clay Daily. And then there’s the me that is feeling bad for the orders that have suffered in the last week of congestion and convention, and has spent some time today getting a not-undeserved verbal beating from a few unhappy customers. […]

                        • reply Iris Mishly ,

                          Thank you Cynthia for all your work and effort, your presentation was perfect! hope to meet you again!

                          • reply Laurie Mika ,

                            Terrific keynote address, wonderful conference and so great to meet so many people that I only knew online…like you, Cynthia! The days flew by and I am still trying to catch up on some sleep! Thanks for your wonderful contributions to the polymer clay community.

                            • reply Bettina Welker ,

                              Thanks Cynthia for posting the keynote – I reslly enjoyed it and I’m pleased to have it now on my harddrive for a recap;)
                              I reached my home yesterday in the late afternoon after some difficulties during my travel home – yes again!!! As the flight from Baltimore to JFK was late I missed my connecting flight to frankfurt and had to reebook. My final journey led me first fom NYC to Paris and then home to Germany with a 6 hour delay;)

                              I spent the whole morning with reading blogs, looking at Donna’s picture gallery (yes – she upped them already

                              hugs to all of you fine people I met at Synergy – I had a blast and will never forget that few days filled with information, history and warm harted people.

                              love you all

                              • reply Loretta ,

                                I’ll add my 2 cents about how great it was meeting my favorite “internet” buddies. I was especially glad to meet you Cynthia – although I may not have thanked you enough. I never would have guessed you were anxious about the speech – it came off flawlessly. The conference was a smashing success by all accounts – ideas, questions, and artspeak flowed freely. I’m sure it will be some time before it all settles down in my mind and comes out in my work. Very stimulating!

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                                  • reply Kim Cavender ,

                                    What a wonderful post! Lisa’s blog in indeed charming, as is her work. And Cynthia, I know I told you this already, but you were absolutely delightful. No one could have done a better job at putting that speech together. You are a true visionary with an incredible sense of humor! I’m so glad to know you!

                                    • reply Polka Dot Cottage: Morning Coffee With Cynthia Tinapple ,

                                      […] I’ve had the kick of waking up and finding my own work staring back at me on Polymer Clay […]

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