Silas and the unseen artists

At the Synergy conference I’m catching up with those polymer clay folks who fly under our internet radar and are hard to track – like Virginia’s Cindy Silas. She doesn’t have much of an online presence for her dynamite polymer clay/PMC work. It’s an impressive marriage of the two materials.

Clay pushed through open-work metal must be an idea whose time has come. The concept popped up on Susan Lomuto’s site and she’s experimented with it impressively as well.

My nagging about creating an online presence is paying off. Dan Cormier swears that the Cormier/Holmes site is nearly ready for prime time.

The set-up day was exhausting. Classes start early tomorrow. Need my beauty sleep.

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    Hi Cynthia. Thank you so much for your kind words! I enjoyed seeing you again at Synergy. I thought your keynote speech was illuminating and am looking forward to you posting it. It was deep, and gives me plenty to think about.

    And, I promise to work on getting that website up this year. Haha. I’ve had reserved for years, and I’m a professional graphic designer, so there is NO excuse.

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