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Fabi faux

These graphic faux enamels from Fabi (fperezajates) have a hip new look. Fabi carves her own patterns into erasers and I’m guessing that she used metallic clay for the polymer base. Inks and powders seem to be involved and she finishes the look with a layer of resin. Like yesterday’s Natalia, Fabi is from Madrid […] Read more

Fabi’s fabulous combinations

To polymer artists, there’s nothing more appealing than a neat pile of coordinated canes. Show us the resulting bouquet of flowers and you’ve got our attention. These lovelies are from Madrid’s Fabi (fperezajates). A few minutes on her Flickr site will reveal how she’s combined polymer with felt, crochet, books and wood. She even shares […] Read more

Gearing up

Spain’s Fabi Perez Ajates gears up for next year’s classes with a trio of layered polymer rounds (16″. 10.5″ and 7.5″) that work together. The three circles brighten the corner of the room with their swirling color palette and engaging textures. Your eye is pulled into the variety of patterns circling around small hearts at […] Read more

Polymer pile up

Spain’s Fabi Perez Ajates (Con Tus Manos) makes stacks of beads and bangles and brooches look like fascinating ceramic sculptures. The holes and ridges and shapes in her imitative ceramic pieces all have dual purposes. They can be worn or piled up in endlessly entertaining ways that form totems. Fabi calls this her Coraline Jewelry […] Read more

Peekaboo Tuesday

Class samples are the best! Teachers take good photos and have great ideas. These are Spain’s Fabiola Ajates’ prototypes for the October 6-10 Atlantic City Escape (ACE). Look at how the underneath patterns peek through the cutout of the top layers. The thrill of peekaboo hangs on through adulthood. Fabi has mixed an all-new retro […] Read more

Updated Zen

The smooth rounded rock shapes on this necklace from Australia’s Michelle Sansonetti (Zedemee) have a Zen-like quality that appeals. Her swirls seem to calm in contrast with the weather maps that threaten. Michelle credits Spain’s Fabi Ajates for inspiring her in a 2019 class. Isn’t it marvelous how polymer ideas bounce around the world? No […] Read more

Virtual polymer

If you could take any class, what would it be? You can hop around the globe virtually and find some marvelous adventures in polymer. Just for kicks, I scrutinize my dream classes and try to imagine how I’d make these beauties. My current favorite is Spain’s Fabi Perez Ajates who’s teaching at Polymer Clay Carnival Australia […] Read more

European polymer in Atlantic City

Head to Atlantic City for a taste of Europe this spring. You can learn from Germany’s Bettina Welker, France’s Sylvie Peraud and Spain’s Fabiola Perez Ajates plus our own Donna Kato and Leslie Blackford from June 12-15 at the Clay Back East event. Here you see how Leslie turns old baubles into fantastic characters as […] Read more

Mini-book class story

 The mini-book samples like this red one from Lucy Frycova came out of a recent class taught by Spain’s Fabi Ajates. The cover swivels on a screw (I’m guessing) to show the book’s hidden message. Lucy shows several other versions on her FB page. This one is mysterious and multilayered. Fabi designs the coolest projects […] Read more

Heartwarming hearts

These thin hearts in sizzling hot colors were thank you gifts from Spain’s Fabi Perez Ajates to students in her classes in the Czech Republic and France. “I love happy colors, a song to happiness and love of life,” she says. Look more closely at Fabi’s happy hearts on Flickr. Are your hearts ready for the holiday?