These graphic faux enamels from Fabi (fperezajates) have a hip new look. Fabi carves her own patterns into erasers and I’m guessing that she used metallic clay for the polymer base.

Inks and powders seem to be involved and she finishes the look with a layer of resin.

Like yesterday’s Natalia, Fabi is from Madrid where they’re obviously pouring it on for the EuroClay Carnival.

Fabi has also embellished some small crocheted purses with polymer buttons. Sweet!

Browse through her site and you’ll see what you’re missing while they frollick in Madrid. So much enthusiasm. Thanks to Eva Ménager for making us more  jealous.

  • reply MRS aka Michelle Stancil ,

    Spectacular! Very very primo work! I love it!

    • reply Norma Agron ,

      She’s an amazing artist. I just love her work!

      • reply pegharper ,

        I fell right down the rabbit hole going through Fabi’s sites this week. Thanks!

        • reply Beverlyjane ,

          These are wonderful. Colorful and playful and I love that feeling when I look at them. Very uplifting. Wish I could tell you in Spanish (?) but I don’t know how. Hugs

          • reply Valerie ,

            I had a wonderful time perusing Fabi’s site. What a fantastic talent!

            • reply cristalline ,

              It’s amazing ! Very beautiful !
              Eva, tu trouves toujours de ces trucs : ;-))

              • reply Beth ,

                I went all the way through the photostream and I was totally blown away by the talent that I saw. The felted characters were so amazing…and I have never been crazy for felting! The expressions, the creativity!
                I would like to make things this beautiful! I can dream…

                • reply Fabi ,

                  Muchas gracias Cynthia, por la publicación de mis creaciones artísticas.
                  Y tambien daros las gracias a todas que habeis puesto comentario.

                  • reply Natalie ,

                    Hiya, I love Fabi’s tutorial for the faux enamels and would love to buy her tutorial but wondered is it in Spanish or can we get an English version, does anyone have it?

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