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When Helen met Judy

Washington’s Tonja Lenderman loves to experiment. With this polymer pendant she’s introduced Judy Belcher’s knitting techniques to Helen Breil’s twisted shapes. From the angles of the knit strips to the forming of the shape, this design will challenge the math-side of your brain and get you primed for the week. The best overview of Tonja’s […] Read more

Belcher and the first PCD giveaway

Judy Belcher reinterpreted the IPCA logo to make these totally cute polymer earrings. Look at the ad in the right hand column to see the logo. The earrings are the first PCDaily giveaway! If you comment on this post, you could win Judy’s creations this Saturday and wear them at Synergy. IPCA’s Synergy conference is […] Read more

Belcher’s greater-than-the-sum art

The collaboration theme of the Synergy 2 conference in Baltimore has already inspired some terrific mash ups. The fiber/polymer and metal/polymer creations on Judy Belcher’s Flickr site are impressive. Judy is the consummate team player so it’s not surprising that she’s good at partnering her art. This jacket is by Kerr Grabowski with reversible jewels […] Read more

Belcher’s calming polymer creations

Judy Belcher has been preparing polymer clay samples for an upcoming class and she’s posted them on her Flickr page. I’m loving her calm, precise patterns and monochromatic color palette after this week’s wild creative rides. We need these deep breaths to restore us. But Judy’s not altogether calm. She adds surprise and dimension to […] Read more

In memoriam

Rest in Peace • Judy Belcher March 13, 1962 – July 13, 2022  

Artful home is full of polymer

It’s not too early to shop, is it? For polymer art, you can’t do better online than Artful Home. I searched the site for “polymer clay” and page after page of gorgeous jewelry popped up. I counted 22 polymer artists in this high-end catalog! These simple circle studs from Pennsylvania’s Klara Borbas appealed to me. […] Read more

Warm fuzzy polymer

You can see the influence of Judy Belcher’s knitting technique in this necklace by Blanka Prochazkova from the Czech Republic. The layers and fuzzy, bumpy textures make it hard to read as polymer but it is. The colors give it a wintry ethnic feel. Read the whole story (lots of comments stacking up) on Blanka’s Facebook page along […] Read more

Unsupervised polymer

Doesn’t the name, BeadUnsupervised, intrigue you? The thing is, Carol Beal’s work looks unsupervised in the most delightful way. She mixes her media (fiber, felt, glass, wire and more) with abandon and she isn’t shy about color. She uses whatever materials and colors strike her fancy. Carol’s background is in illustration and design and she […] Read more

Polymer mashups

The mashups that occur when artists meet are fascinating. Can you guess who came up with this collaborative polymer piece? A sinuous, sexy frame surrounds a bumpy colorful geometric center that invites inspection. The result is a very natural, organic and flower-like pendant. In this case, Jana Roberts Benzon flipped one of Helen Breil’s Big […] Read more

Listening to polymer

On Facebook Ronna Sarvas Weltman recently let us look over her shoulder as she shaped, sorted and tweaked this polymer bead soup into gloriously funky wearable art. Finding all the steps on Facebook is challenging so here’s my compiled page of the basic pictures. Ronna added washes of color on beads to highlight some colors […] Read more