Belcher’s greater-than-the-sum art

The collaboration theme of the Synergy 2 conference in Baltimore has already inspired some terrific mash ups. The fiber/polymer and metal/polymer creations on Judy Belcher’s Flickr site are impressive. Judy is the consummate team player so it’s not surprising that she’s good at partnering her art.

This jacket is by Kerr Grabowski with reversible jewels and closures by Judy. The model is Judy’s daughter.

Universal Connections, the 12.5″x8″ piece pictured, is the result of Judy’s collaboration with Victoria Altepeter, a metalsmith and currently resident artist at Arrowmont.

Take a look at the 37-artist polymer mosaic that Laurie Mika pulled together and see if you can identify each artist with only 2″ squares as clues. You have until December 20 to enter the contest. There is still space in classes at Synergy companion events, Cabin Fever Clay Festival and Synergy 2 Hands-On. You might drop a hint to Santa.

  • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

    When you visit Judy’s Flickr site you’ll get a closer look at the necklace in the picture. It’s two-sided, and both sides are astonishing. Stunning artistry and craftsmanship.

    Cynthia, I love the characterization of Cabin Fever Clay Festival and Synergy 2 Hands-On as companion events to Synergy. And it’s concurrent with the ACC show. February in Baltimore will be fabulous.

    • reply Meisha Barbee ,

      WOW!!! Very impressive. All of these pieces are very dynamic, and I particularly love the collaborative piece with Victoria. The simple sophistication and impeccable design are beautiful. I agree…the craftsman ship is stunning.
      Well done Judy. Well done!

      • reply Debby Roberts ,

        Fantastic work.

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