Belcher’s calming polymer creations

Judy Belcher has been preparing polymer clay samples for an upcoming class and she’s posted them on her Flickr page.

I’m loving her calm, precise patterns and monochromatic color palette after this week’s wild creative rides. We need these deep breaths to restore us.

But Judy’s not altogether calm. She adds surprise and dimension to the pieces with applied cane slices and juxtaposed patterns. The tiny colored o-rings used as spacers add another touch of excitement. Thanks, Judy,

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Brava Judy!! Totally yummy-licious! I love where you’re going with all this, my friend. Keep it up! (But please… don’t let go entirely of your black and white stuff, ok? It’s my favorite – especially the rotating bits!!)

    • reply Jeannie ,

      Her work is mesmerizing an unforgettable. Judy if you are every in the Twin Cities to teach a class, I’ll be there.

      • reply Suzanne Ivester ,

        Judy, You never cease to impress me. What a huge variety of patterns, so well integrated! Amazing.


        • reply Tammy ,

          so beautiful – thanks for sharing with all of us!

          • reply Maniguette ,

            Indeed Judy’s work is amazing, like the lady herself, generous, calm and beautiful!

            • reply Judy Belcher ,

              Calm? Who me? Thanks, Cynthia, for the feature. I’m honored. Funny, the class (Vegas in November, for across the pond, France in March – shameless plug….) is “Let’s make a zillion canes really, really fast!”

              • reply ,

                What a wonderfuL red necklace! I’m so inspired, gonna make something like that too! Thanks for sharing

                • reply Kylee (Lunes Bijoux) ,

                  And I’m just delighted to have Judy running a workshop on these stunning creations at Clay Corbières Créatives I in March 2010.

                  • reply Gayle Heinemann ,

                    Too cool! I love your new colors. Your students in Vegas and France are so lucky to have you as an instructor.

                    • reply Kim Hodes ,

                      Very nice, Judy! The colors are really unique and I’ve always liked the way you do monochrome.

                      • reply Dawn Butts ,

                        Beautiful, so inspiring.

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