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Weltman on PCDaily

On Facebook Ronna Sarvas Weltman recently let us look over her shoulder as she shaped, sorted and tweaked this polymer bead soup into gloriously funky wearable art. Finding all the steps on Facebook is challenging so here’s my compiled page of the basic pictures.

Weltman on PCDaily

Ronna added washes of color on beads to highlight some colors and mute others. She gave the necklace a good shake at the end to make sure the focal beads would settle where she predicted they would.

All along she changed the arrangement until she felt the love. She made sure the piece spoke to her. It’s a good lesson in listening and in playing around.

French snapshots

If you’re in the mood for more snapshots, take a look at Dawn-Marie DeLara’s reporting on our summer trip to France. Dawn-Marie is a muralist (she says decorative artist), mixed media and polymer artist from Minnesota.

She posts about Blair and Cynthia, Judy Belcher and Julie Eakes, Ruth Krug and Nona Flores, Anne Beach and Beverlee Stafford and our fearless leader Dayle Doroshow.

Trying new ways of working is easier when you’re in a beautiful setting among friends who cheer your successes and laugh off your missteps. Dawn-Marie chronicled our time together with a light-hearted approach. She brings the same great style to her publication, 365 Being. There’s a free sample online full of great craft, food and project tips.

  • reply Jana ,

    Fantabulous, Ronna! Love the work you’ve been putting out…

    • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

      Cynthia, you are such an angel! Some people are having trouble seeing the images in the comments on FB, and I was just about to figure out how to post all of them without clogging up everyone’s FB pages with way too many images from me, when your post magically appears! For those of you who want every single image, I’ll put something together with all of them and them post it on my facebook page. And … I loved Dawn-Marie’s posts from La Cascade. It is always an honor and a joy teaching there. Looks like you had a very merry group. It always seems to shake out that way, though. Magic times. Thank you!

      • reply Jenna ,

        Her work is so inspiring! It’s great to see some progress pics.

        • reply Dawn-Marie deLara ,

          Thanks, Cynthia for sharing my musings with your followers! And thanks even more for bringing all these amazing artists, like Ronna into my daily life.

          • reply Michele Norine ,

            Thank you Cynthia for bringing all of Ronna’s pics together for us to see! I was having trouble finding and opening them all myself. What a wonderful peek into her creative work. Love it!

            • reply jan montarsi ,

              Thank You Ronna!!
              I made you bead caps (extrusions w dragged lines) the other day.loved the result.
              I just. Got your book of my shelf last night to have ready for today and voila. There you are today thanks Cynthia! !! Off to FB

              • reply Debbie Crothers ,

                What an inspiration Ronna has been to many – her work is so yummy. Thanks Cynthia for sharing with us today.

                • reply dayle doroshow ,

                  Thanks Cynthia and the whole group for making my workshop at La Cascade extra special and what a joyous group! Between making art, treasure hunting, singing our way thru the French countryside and seeing this charming area- I had a most wonderful week with you all. So nice to re-live it thru Dawn-Marie’s thoughtful, funny and spot-on blog posts. Merci!!

                  • reply Sandra D. ,

                    I love her work. Also I bought her Metalwork DV. her step by step is well understanding for any one.
                    Thank you. Cynthia for the this information.

                    • reply Lyone ,

                      Wonderful beads/necklace!! Hope the site is up soon.

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