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Polymer skeptics

Really? Simply offsetting a Skinner blend could result in this? Our little group couldn’t quite believe Claire Wallis’ tutorial in the latest issue of ArtJewelry magazine (it’s a particularly good issue for polymer folks). We had to try it. One person read the instructions while the rest of us followed along with clay. And yes, we all […] Read more

Silk road

Julie Eakes (yesterday’s artist) is more than a one trick pony. While she’s drawn to mosaic portraits, she’s also a cane magician who’s been collaging her canes and patterns into a new Silk Road series of brooches and bangles. Julie was intrigued by Meisha Barbee’s process of spreading out a big selection of component canes and colors on her work surface […] Read more

Polymer mashup

These pendants-in-process by Meisha Barbee begged to be photographed at the end of the conference. Right next to them a few new earrings waited to be assembled. The angled cuts on the earrings may give you a clue that Meisha had watched Jana Roberts Benzon demonstrate her laser cut technique. But with Meisha’s distinctive color […] Read more

More Meisha

It’s rare that I have to jump up on my soapbox these days. But California’s Meisha Barbee still doesn’t have much of a web presence other than PCD! How can that be? (Sigh) She has a little spot on Facebook. She’s won a Niche award! She does a big wholesale business. Her refined, color-perfect work […] Read more

Stroppel’s polymer strudel

Before you tidy your polymer workspace for the weekend, consider trying a clever trick from Florida’s Alice Stroppel. She’s added a short (and free) video of her Stroppel cane on her website. Colorful cane scraps layered between thin sheets of high contrast background produce new random patterns that give the scrap new life. We had […] Read more

Polymer studio in a box

San Diego’s Meisha Barbee shares her new spring palette, the result of a whirlwind color mixing fling (check it out). Once the polymer colors were mixed and conditioned, she carefully stacked the sheets into thick and thin layers that play off each other’s intensity. Her stripe canes grab attention. With a box of companion bullseye […] Read more

Niche toots

More Niche Award toots have been heard. This piece from San Diego’s Meisha Barbee’s Shimmer series was selected as a finalist. Meisha has started incorporating sterling silver elements into her polymer clay pieces. See previous PCD posts about Meisha here and here. Liz Hall sent in the link to her silver and polymer Bubbles Belt […] Read more

Pheasant inspired cane

Meisha Barbee’s studio and store back up to the San Diego Zoo. Early Thursday morning she treated us to a walk through the zoo’s rain forest and we were thrilled to see an exotic pheasant’s colorful plummage revealed (see our video) in his mating dance. Meisha went on to work and we continued through the […] Read more

Acre Show Participants

Judy Dunn’s been preparing for the ACRE (American Craft Retailers Expo, the trade show for show in Las Vegas in April. Doesn’t her necklace go well with PCDaily’s site colors? Thumbing through the list of ACRE artists, I came across a number of other polymer clay artists who will be in the show. Some […] Read more

Celebrating the European Guild’s Birthday

The European Guild for Polymer Clay People is one year old. Their membership roster lists artists from all over the world with links to charming web sites from villages in wonderfully remote locations. These newcomers to the polymer clay community bring an enthusiasm and fearlessness as well as a fresh perspective. I loved the look […] Read more