Pheasant inspired cane

Meisha Barbee’s studio and store back up to the San Diego Zoo. Early Thursday morning she treated us to a walk through the zoo’s rain forest and we were thrilled to see an exotic pheasant’s colorful plummage revealed (see our video) in his mating dance. Meisha went on to work and we continued through the zoo.

When we met hours later Meisha had composed this cane based on our pleasant pheasant experience. I took a few quick snaps of her work in the Spanish Village shop she shares with her brother and sister-in-law. I’m still nagging her about her lack of a web presence. Here’s an earlier post about her work.

I’ll catch up with you and all my email next week. Have a colorful weekend.

  • reply Judy ,

    Beautiful! And Meisha, listen to Cynthia…she is a smart woman!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Three words: OOOOO LA LA!!! (aka, stunning cane!!!) 🙂

      – Melanie

      • reply Christi Uliczny ,

        So beautiful! I love the movement

        • reply Kellie Robinson ,

          I LOVE Meisha’s work! She has such a great use of color, and her style is something I would be proud to wear!

          • reply Meisha Barbee ,

            Cynthia, It was great to see you in San Diego, and a pleasure to treat you to the Zoo experience. Thanks again for highlighting my work on P.C. Daily….I will make it my mission to get a web-site this year!

            • reply Sheri Williamson ,

              Very cool video of the Great Argus and super groovy cane, though the latter reminds me more of the cover of the copybook in the hilarious educational film parody series “Look Around You” (currently playing on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network).

              • reply Amy E Wallace ,

                I can’t stop staring at that slice on the left. I just can’t stop!

                • reply kelly ,

                  I love your work! Is there any way to buy it online?? Any shops near Chicago perhaps?? Best, Kelly

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