Stroppel’s polymer strudel

Before you tidy your polymer workspace for the weekend, consider trying a clever trick from Florida’s Alice Stroppel. She’s added a short (and free) video of her Stroppel cane on her website.

Colorful cane scraps layered between thin sheets of high contrast background produce new random patterns that give the scrap new life.

We had fun trying this at our recent conference where scrap was plentiful. These brooches were a late night collaborative effort by Alice and her table mate Meisha Barbee as they cleaned up the leftover bits of the day.

May your weekend be filled with colorful random bits of fun!

  • reply genevieve ,

    I like that the solution is random, the results a surprise, and will definitely play with this sometime soon. Thanks for the video Alice!

    • reply Alice Stroppel ,

      Thank you Cynthia and it was great fun all around. I was thrilled everyone enjoyed a new way to use their scraps.

      • reply Alice Stroppel ,

        Genevieve, you’re welcome, I hope you make something wonderful from your scraps.

        • reply doreen kassel ,

          great stuff from alice & meisha!

          • reply Ann Shea-Smith ,

            What a great idea! Can’t wait to try this cane.

            • reply Meisha ,

              It was great being Alice’s table mate…we became great buddies, and I enjoyed collaborating on these necklaces. I think this innovative Stroppel cane will make it’s way into many artist’s repertoire. Depending on your particular color sensibilities and scrap cane collection, it will render very different results. Try it! Thanks for the post Cynthia.

              • reply suzanne ,

                what a great way to use the scrap we all come up with! Alice and Meisha sure are very cool companions, even if they just met!
                thanks Cynthia!!!

                • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                  This looked like so much fun I just HAD to try–Wow!!!! What a great fun technique, and the results (even with the ugliest canes) are just stunning.Alice, We….are…..not…..worthy…….:) Thank you so much for sharing.

                  • reply Paula Gilbert ,

                    Looks so much fun. Can’t wait to try it at Sandy Camp this next week.

                    • reply Susan ,

                      Hi, What am I doing wrong. Can’t access the video on Stroppel Cane. Can you help?

                      • reply jan Montarsi ,

                        Thanks so much for the tutorial Alice what a great share !!
                        Meisha love your style !

                        • reply Sandra F Davis ,

                          Cynthia, The work of Alice Stroppel is fantastic I will going to buy her book.

                          • reply Susan O'Neill ,

                            VERY innovative, Alice! (Almost makes me wish that I liked to cane more often 😉

                            • reply judi earwaker ,

                              Alice, I can really use use this new scrap cane. What a great idea. Thanks so much .
                              By the way, I have made several cuff braclets. My camra isn’t working but I will try to send some pictures of them soon.
                              Your S.C. agent, Judi

                              • reply Elsie ,

                                How generous of Alice to share this technique. I’ve just finished making some pendants from a Stroppel cane and they are fabulous. Thanks so much!

                                • reply claire maunsell ,

                                  Such great fun…we shall know thee by thy Stroppel cane! We should have a Stroppel cane exchange….

                                  • reply Polymer pie | Polymer Clay Daily ,

                                    […] Stroppel cane has traveled around quickly after Friday’s post. See two examples that popped up on the weekend from Randee Ketzel in Texas and Elsie Smith […]

                                    • reply Daniela \ Alkhymeia ,

                                      Thank you Alice, great idea 🙂

                                      • reply Fran ,

                                        Thank you so much for sharing this – the results are just amazing !

                                        • reply Créa'Sofimo ,

                                          Many thanks Alice for this video tuto, the last week The last weekend I enjoied using this tuto, the result is really brilliant, i post the result in my blog if you want to see
                                          bye from France

                                          • reply jan Montarsi ,

                                            • reply Amy E Wallace ,

                                              OH man, I’ve used a similar technique for years but didn’t refine it like she does. Scraps are one of my favorite parts of claying.

                                              • reply Sandra Davis ,

                                                Cynthia, I will start mixing the all cane.

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