Julie Eakes (yesterday’s artist) is more than a one trick pony. While she’s drawn to mosaic portraits, she’s also a cane magician who’s been collaging her canes and patterns into a new Silk Road series of brooches and bangles.


Julie was intrigued by Meisha Barbee’s process of spreading out a big selection of component canes and colors on her work surface and then happily composing works from the array of choices in front of her.

Julie built up her own stash of stripes, colors and textile canes from which she’s building her new collection.


  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    Beautiful work Julie, born on your visit here I think. See what happens when we all get together? Love how far you’ve taken it, just stunning!

    • reply Lorrene ,

      I love her work. She is also a very sweet person. This new body of jewelry is so me…. the colors. I’d buy them in a flash.

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