Nothing gets us jazzed for a class more than a heap of polymer samples.

Look at the pile that Fabi (ConTusManos) has layed out on this Flickr page and her site for students in Madrid.

Our eyes immediately search for clues about how she’s managed her texture and resin tricks. The extruded bails on her pendants kick your brain into gear and you’re hooked.

Fall is back to school time. I don’t know about you but I’m primed to learn something new this week.

  • reply Kit Lockwood ,

    Extruded balls? I’ve always wanted to know how to get uniform tiny balls. I go mad trying. I’ve tried extruding a small snake and cutting it, and come pretty close. Is she doing something else? Lovely pieces.

    • reply Lupe meter ,

      Fabi does beautiful work. I would love to be one of her students! I absolutely love everything she does with polymer clay…such a gifted artist!

      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

        I LOVE Fabi’s work–it is nearly impossible to be so structured and organized and playful at the same time, yet she does it without effort; her design sense is simply wonderful.

        • reply Rosemary ,

          Hey Hello to you all!!!!
          and hello to the moose as well! Tell Jan I miss her!!

          • reply Debbie Crothers ,

            Absolutely gorgeous – I love the mix of colour and texture – very appealing.

            • reply Fabi ,

              Muchas gracias a todas !!!
              Respondiendo a Kit Lockwood. Solo uso la extrusora.

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