Polymer indecision

There’s so much inspired new work in Fabi’s recent posts that it’s hard to choose what to feature.

This bolo-style pendant has a clever construction that Fabi details on her Flickr page. She’s worked out a water transfer technique and embeds the results on thick textured pendants. She’s teaching her methods in April in her Madrid studio.

And if that’s not enough, follow along on her mosaics! Here’s an abstract textured one, and here’s a mosaic of her son made from leftover polymer scraps baked, cut and applied to wood.

Great colors, shapes and a huge variety of experiments. You choose.

  • reply Eva ,

    Hello Cynthia!
    I love Fabi’s work so much, but i’m laughing in my beard to see how photos match the layout of the newspaper!! Great/nice work! 😉

    • reply carissa ,

      Another beautiful spring pendant……the portrait is amazing. Especially as it’s made from scraps for pete’s sake!

      • reply claire maunsell ,

        Her range is mindboggling….wonderful!

        • reply Donna Greenberg ,

          Clearly Fabi is a fine artist. The fact that she can transfer her vision into jewelry or mosaics is great testimony to the creative spirit . Curiosity in a chosen medium should always be followed and nurtured. Outstanding!

          • reply Anita Brandon ,

            What lovely and creative pieces. I really resonate to the colors she uses and the mosaic of her son is incredible! Definitely a PC ARTIST!

            • reply Norma ,

              Yes, Fabi is an awesome artist. I’ve been following her blog and she never ceases to amaze me.

              • reply Peg Harper ,

                Awwwwwe! Do I have ta chooooooose?

                • reply Jainnie ,

                  Superb artist! I loved seeing her mosaic process…I’m so inspired now! I loved seeing all those containers of different colors of baked scraps!!

                  • reply Catherine ,

                    I’m in awe on the simplicity of the design and its beauty. I wish I could take a class on how to do one. I don’t wear much jewelry but this would be something I would wear.

                    • reply Eva Perendreu ,

                      fabi is a fabolours artist and woman. Her work is one of my favourites!!!


                      • reply Fabi ,

                        Muchas gracias Cynthia Tinapple, por la publicación y las agradables palabras.
                        Y también doy muchas gracias a todos estupendos comentarios.
                        Abrazos a tod@s.

                        • reply ?arovni?ka ,

                          bravo .. :))

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