These paper and polymer vessels from Madrid’s Fabi may bring a smile to your Monday. The quirky finishing touches are polymer shapes with a Dr. Seuss feel.

The pots themselves are made from “serpentinas”, paper strips wound into a tight coil and pushed into shape. Even if your Spanish isn’t strong, you’ll catch how they’re made on this YouTube video. (Paper streamers may be common in some places or quilling strips would work.)

Once Fabi got started she couldn’t resist adding polymer finials and making ornaments and earrings and other trinkets.

Fabi’s interests are wide-ranging as we’ve seen in earlier posts. Look at her Flickr page and her blog to see what she’s been up to.

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    • reply Eva ,

      Fabulous Fabi!
      Idea and talent!
      Thank you for sharing this new work!

      • reply Enkhe ,

        That would be a great escape!
        Thanks for sharing! And bravo Fabi!

        • reply Norma ,

          She’s just Fabi-fabulous! I follow her blog and she’s awesome.

          • reply Melinda Hayes ,

            Great way to start a Monday. They made me laugh.

            • reply Anita Brandon ,

              Wonderful and so much fun! They make me smile.

              • reply jan montarsi ,

                This looks so fun !! I m off ti the patry store for streamers !!
                The video on you tube was very nice to include with todays post.

                • reply Marlene Brady ,

                  I love Fabi’s artwork. Her passion for creating is inspiring. On a side note….hey Cynthia…don’t forget to add “author” to your PCD profile. Got my copy of “Creative Sparks” for Mother’s Day. I love it!

                  • reply Susan Detwiler ,

                    Those are just adorable! They do indeed bring a smile to my Monday. They also bring back memories of summer camp years ago when I was just 11 and made a little hat with a paper coil (plain brown craft), painted it, and coated it with mod podge. I still have it. ­čÖé

                    • reply Marian Hertzog ,

                      These are so fun!

                      • reply Fabi ,

                        Muchas gracias por los simpáticos comentarios.
                        Y especialmente muchas gracias a ti,Cynthia Tinapple, por publicar.
                        Un fuerte abrazo.

                        • reply Jenny McKitrick ,


                          Thank you for the congenial comments.
                          Special thanks to you, Cynthia Tinapple for publishing this.
                          A big hug.

                          hmmm Un Fuerte abrazo if translated as written means a strong hug….sounds kind of funny dont you think?


                          • reply Sharon ,

                            Can’t help but smile…

                            • reply Priscilla ,

                              I never cease to be amazed at the generosity of artists who share their knowledge via you tube and other websites. Thanks to you for sharing Fabi’s link with us today.

                              • reply suzanne ,

                                Fabi is so creative. i love what she does and her
                                you-tube video is great!! i love the idea working
                                also with paper.
                                thanks for sharing with us, all these wonderful
                                artist. i love to see my PCD every evening after
                                work. it is most relaxing!

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