These mosaics by British artist Cleo Mussi make my mouth water. It's easy to see how Mussi began in fabrics and migrated to mosaics. The size of her works is impressive as well.

Her site is just pure pleasure to wander through and full of inspiration. Thanks to Hawaii's Karen Shiroma for this great link.

Buckeye Fever

True to her word, Sharon Sahl has launched her new web site so that her loyal Columbus, Ohio customers can continue to get their annual "fix."

Sharon's small polymer clay ornaments are crafted with such loving detail that she naturally drew faithful fans who crowded her open house shows every fall. Some of her customers now have huge collections and were worried that her move to Kirkland, Washington would end their acquisitions.

Not so! You have to call to order and a wide selection is available. Sharon's gingerbread houses bring me joy every season. She's not offering them this year but may in the future. And don't miss a look at her canes!


Between Robert Dancik's PMC/Polymer class (see his pmc/polymer earrings at the left) and Maggie Maggio's color class here in Columbus this weekend we're chock full of information and ideas. My head is spinning this Monday morning.

It was interesting that after all was said and done, each of the teachers came back to the "trust your gut" theme. What matters most is being true to your own vision.

I've been listening to Thomas Moore on Creativity who talks about artists following their "daimon." It's worth a listen.