Sweethearts visit

My daughter and her sweetheart are visiting which has thrown me off schedule. I added the rollover link effect (a link preview should pop up) to the site and can't decide if it's helpful or annoying. Please tell me if you have strong feelings.

I've also been reading the Devine Color book (Maggie put me on to her). Try this exercise from author Gretchen Schauffler.

Choose one thing from each room in your home that you absolutely love to look at or that has a deep connection. Make a pile of them in front of you. Name the colors (use rainbow color names only) out loud. These are the colors your eyes love to feel and the colors that have followed you throughout your life changes.

What a terrific exercise. Thanks to Darleen Bellan for the heart image.

Social calendar

January is the time for plotting out your social calendar if you want to "clay well with others." (The image is from the newsletter of the Philadelphia Guild who are sponsoring their own Clayathon in January.)

There's the fabulous bead show in Tucson from January 21 to February 16 and simultaneous To Bead True Blue classes (warning…the site is very frustrating but if you scroll long and hard, you'll find some great classes with polymer clay teachers like Ronna Sarvas Weltman, Christi Friesen, Janet Farris) and an extensive exhibitor list.

Or if you want something more intimate and earthy visit Klew's 8th Bi-annual Polymer Retreat on Memorial Day weekend. Want something warmer? Try the Florida guild's Florida in February.

Check with your local guild for more classes and conferences…there are many at this time of year.

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