Where credit is due

Laura Balombini shows some new lovelies on her site. She credits Tim Burton and Shakespeare among her influences!

Laura is one of those polymer clay artists whose works are often emulated. Donna Kato addressed the issue of unauthorized copying on her blog this weekend.

It’s considered good manners to tip your hat to your muse with a mention in print or a link online. Before you benefit financially from teaching a technique to others, be sure to get approval from its originator. Most artists only want credit for their ideas and innovations.

While there are gray areas in matters of design, it’s best to err on the side of politeness and to make apologies and corrections where necessary. I’ve suffered a red face and offered a mea culpa or two myself.

The polymer clay community has a long history of generosity and sharing. We can help sustain that spirit by minding our manners and acknowledging those who have worked hard to blaze a path ahead of us.