Do we know whose work this is? It’s one of the entries in the current Polymer Clay Central Challenge. This month’s selection has been extended a few days and there’s still time to vote.

Half the fun is trying to identify the artist’s signature in his/her work and in this lovely monochromatic necklace, there’s no color clue. Guesses?

Dear dreadlocked daughter (here’s her travel blog) is visiting and it’s inhospitable to be on the computer all evening…just a short post.


Perhaps today’s inclusions will suit you better. These polymer clay pieces (from Hollie’s collection) by Lindly Haunani are made from translucent clay. When baked, crayon shavings mixed into the plain clay leave their color and hollow spaces behind. Generally, 1⁄2 tsp. of chopped crayon per ounce of translucent clay is a good ratio.

Lindly published a great tutorial about inclusions long ago (1999) in Bead & Button. It’s very inspiring and luckily she keeps the information on her web site for everyone to enjoy.