Creative Undertow

Connecticut’s Libby Mills feels caught in a creative undertow (what a great image) brought on by summer events, a class with Robert Dancik and preparations for her guild’s Klay Karma retreat.

See what Libby’s frenzy has produced by reading her blog and looking at her new metal and polymer clay work. As a bonus, you’ll get a peak at her workspace.

Monday’s Possibilities

The winners of the NPCG Progress and Possibilities polymer clay exhibit have been announced. Says exhibit judge Elise Winters, "There are several pieces that took my breath away. They are of differing styles and sensibilities but share some common qualities.  In each case, the piece reflects a large strong personal vision.  Every element of the total design – color, form, proportion, scale, choice of materials, technique, finishing – works to enhance this unified concept.  All of the pieces show meticulous attention to detail and workmanship as well." 

While we wait for pictures of the winning entries, follow the links from the NPCG page to each of the artists’ home sites. Most of the winning artists have already been featured on Polymer Clay Daily. The piece pictured here is from Heather Campbell, one of the winners we haven’t seen. Thanks to Susan Lomuto who was first to spot the announcement.