Sahl’s Seasonal Ornaments

Sharon Sahl, formerly of Ohio and now from Washington, has added her 2007 line of polymer clay ornaments to her web site enabling her Ohio collectors to get their annual fix of her charming and precise works.

Sharon’s added a couple of interesting demos. If you scroll down her demo page you’ll see an example of her process for a cathedral windows quilt and witness Sharon’s legendary attention to detail. Be sure to browse the gingerbread houses section.

Vacuum Tube and Other Miniatures

A couple of mind-expanding miniatures in polymer clay may start you thinking smaller this week.

On the left, New York’s Peter Luber puts polymer clay dioramas in vacuum tubes. A painter, modeller and writer, Luber says that the vacuum tubes encapsulate moments that matter to him.

Singapore’s Garie Sim has been working in micro-size art since the early 80s. He’s also become a supplier (check out his experiments), a teacher, and a therapist, using the clay to help people with learning disabilities.

If you don’t have any big ideas for your week, perhaps these small ones sent in by Lindly Haunani and Barbara Reider will help.