Bankova’s clay sketches

The tags on the exotic, incised jewelry designs of Bulgarian artist Mariana Bankova read “synthetic ceramic” and “pâte polymère” so I’m guessing the material is polymer clay but they look very much like ceramic.

The washed colors and sketchy lines drawn around embedded seed beads give the pieces both a modern and romantic feel.

Reading about how the artists congregated in the small town adds to the mystique. Look at their gallery, Etsy shop and Flickr page to enjoy the full effect. (via Perlerouge)

Hunt’s stacking polymer trees

Australia’s Amanda Hunt has created cheery polymer clay ornaments/pendants made of graduated disks that will make a perfect pro

ject for the young artists in my neighborhood who stop by to make something for the holidays.

Creating simple yet sophisticated designs is quite a trick and Amanda’s done it well. The way she translates her doodles and drawings into polymer clay pieces is intriguing as well. Take a look here and here.

Real-looking polymer clay objects

This polymer clay lariat by Adams Schoolhouse reminds us that it’s time to break out the mittens. The variegated yarns look labor-intensive, very wooly, very real.

Speaking of looking real, check out the Australian “Making Sense” art exhibit that featured the work of artists who replicate benign objects and spaces.

Polymer artist Emma White explains that, “Sometimes the joke’s on me because people can’t tell the object is handmade (like the polymer clay post-it here), so they kind of don’t even see it.” Read more about Emma here.

Thanks to Susan Lomuto for the exhibit link and for making us start the week looking very carefully.