UnaOdd’s pendant molds

This row of simple, rustic pendants by Lynn (UnaOdd) is even more appealing when you see the molds she made using plants from her garden and Knead-a-Mold. “The final mold can be used in the oven (for polymer) and is food safe as well,” says Lynn.

Here’s a lovely mosaic photo of her results and more examples are sprinkled throughout her Etsy gallery and her Flickr photos.

I try to stick to my “no products” rule on PCDaily but this idea grabbed me and I had to share.

Genevieve Williamson’s blog (JibbyandJuna) led me to the link. The two artists went to college together and you can feel a sympatico vibe in their work. Have a simple, rustic weekend.

Blackford’s hands on synergy

If, like me, you overlooked the hands-on classes that have been added to the Synergy2 lineup, be sure to look again. There are some gems being offered before and after the Baltimore conference.

The trick is that you have to contact the instructor directly (or his/her website) to get in on the deal.

Check out these whimisical narrative sculptures from Leslie Blackford’s “Off With Your Head!” class on the Tuesday before the conference. Their heads are built over small lightbulbs and you can change their head/body combinations to suit your mood.

If you’ve never seen Leslie conjure up creatures from a heap of polymer clay scraps, you’re in for a treat. Her spontaneous, direct way of bringing an idea to life will light your imagination. Here’s her Deviant site and here’s her email.

It’s rare to have access to this many top-notch teachers. The rest of the hands-on class roster includes: Seth Savarick, Tracy Holmes, Bettina Welker, Dan Cormier, Robert Dancik. Add to that the Cabin Fever Clay Fest workshops and their long list of experts. Take a class and your head will be spinning like the ones on Leslie’s sculptures!