Texture your trash

Dayle Doroshow’s oversized paper beads (these are each about 1 1/2″ wide) echo exotic, tribal themes.

Dayle admits they’re made from the tail ends of her polymer projects, simple tall triangles rolled onto a fat skewer and then flattened with stamps and textures. Paints and powders and whatever is handy add the final effect.

Since Dayle and I are playing together this week, we’ve decided to giveaway one of our Creative Sparks books signed by both of us. Dayle shares how she developed habits and tricks that tease her back into the studio when she’s stumped or stewing.

Leave us a comment and we’ll dash an autographed book off to the winner on Friday.

  • reply Givelberg Asya ,

    I love the result. Very nice.

    • reply Shirali ,

      I love your blog, I look forward to reading it everyday. I live in country where polymer clay is not very popular and your blogs keeps me connected to others in this field and gives me inspiration for my day ahead in my studio. Love the scrap beads and will definitely try them. Would love to win the book, especially an autographed one! It will be a nice addition to my collection of PC books


      • reply Jackie ,

        What an interesting idea, I love the tribal theme and textures!

        • reply Paula Maburn ,

          Oh Dayle, You are so amazing and innovative, love all that you do and your class at LaCascade. These beads are fantastic, and would be terrific on copper wire which was aged in liver of sulphur. Please write another book.

          • reply Leila Bidler ,

            There is no “scrap” clay really – is there? 🙂 The most exiting ideas come out of scrap, probably because we are not “scared” to waste it and dare more? not sure, but I always get a lot out of scrap and this idea here is just great
            thanks for sharing!

            • reply Connie ,

              I have actually made paper beads out of clay…but these are fabulous…would love to win a book!!

              • reply averilpam ,

                What a simple but effective way to use scrap and achieve extra texture, I must try it – I have masses of scrap to use up!

                • reply Kellie Robinson ,

                  brilliant!!!! I love texture and antiquing!

                  • reply Jill Sarina ,

                    This is why we never, ever throw away scraps!

                    • reply Sandie Coe ,

                      I will enjoy reading your posts…After painting miniature oil paintings for many years I would love to learn more about working with polymer clay… Sandie 🙂

                      • reply suzy Peabody ,

                        i never seem to have any scrap, some of the best colors i’ve used have been borne of scrap. they’re inspiring, those scraps!

                        • reply n. ann ,

                          Textured Trash? As I ruminate the ruffage
                          the avant-garde alliteration portends to intrigue!
                          Yet, slowly but surely as I ponder life’s refuse
                          the mounds of recycled, and the piles of re-useable,
                          project to Abstract Expressionist Jacquards of past-time.
                          Argiope inherent–
                          my germination rebirths
                          the left-overs of living into baubles sublime!

                          • reply Jackie Swartz ,

                            Thanks for sharing your ideas.
                            Scraps are sort of a “gift” aren’t they?

                            • reply Sherrie Brittig ,

                              What a fabulous idea! I love these beads, and love how PCD brings the best in cleverness and creativity to us every day.

                              • reply tejae ,

                                Great idea Dayle! Oooo would be lovely to win the book too!! Hugs from Colorado!


                                • reply Deb ,

                                  fun and funky, right up my alley!

                                  • reply Michelle ,

                                    Is there really any trash when working with polymer? I think these textured treasures prove the point!
                                    These beads are pretty great.

                                    • reply caren valdiviez ,

                                      Thank you for making us a cohesive community. Your website is how I start my day.

                                      • reply Jim ,

                                        I wish my scraps of clay looked this good! And it looks like a great book from the preview!

                                        • reply Mechelle J. Fox ,

                                          Dalye, I love those beads. Itsn’t amazing the creative things we can get out of our “scraps”. Scraps goes in quotes because as we all know there is no such thing as useless clay.
                                          I have played around with polymer clay “paper” beads before but I never thought of flattening them; wonderful idea!

                                          • reply Karen ,

                                            What delightful beads! I appreciate all the new thinking and ideas coming daily to my inbox. Thank you. Karen

                                            • reply Babette ,

                                              Yes – I saw a copy of your book. Wonderful stuff in there. I think it’s a must have. Leave it to Dayle to come up with a way to use up those end pieces. Super!

                                              • reply Pam McClung ,

                                                Those are so neat, and I love the subtle colors. And the texture is great. I have loads of stamps so I’ll have to give it a try. I read your blog every day (or just about) – it’s such a wealth of inspiration! I’d love to win the book – but it is great to just have the blog to see every day, thanks for doing it!

                                                • reply Helen Hughes ,

                                                  I’m a hugh fan of reusing scrap clay into something beautiful.

                                                  • reply Barbara Rymarquis ,

                                                    Thanks for the wonderful idea. As a child of parents raised in the depression, I have been taught not to waste anything. Consequently my pile of scraps grows constantly. This idea will help reduce them in a productive way.

                                                    • reply Wendy Bailey ,

                                                      I am going to make myself a necklace with my scraps as I am going to London to watch Price William and Kate at the ‘Royal Wedding’ here in England.
                                                      It may not be diamonds and Tiaras but I will feel just as good as I will have made them myself from ‘scraps of clay’.
                                                      Thanks for the inspiration,I will let you see a photograph outside Buckingham Palace.

                                                      • reply Caroline Harvey ,

                                                        I love these beads….ooooh – where would we clayers be without our lovely scrap!!

                                                        • reply Melssa Johnson ,

                                                          I look forward to your newsletter every day. It is so cool to see all of the different ways polymer clay is used! ..and it would be great to win that book!

                                                          • reply Cynthia Becker ,

                                                            Love the stamped and textured beads. I’ve been assembling earrings from heavily textured rhombus and triangle shapes. Thanks for a fun way to use my leftovers.

                                                            • reply jan montarsi ,

                                                              I’m on a mission to not have any scrap. When I’m done with a project i figure out something to do with the scraps. Im doing pretty good I only have about 1/2 sandwich baggie of mud.

                                                              thanks for the book giveaway


                                                              • reply NAOMI JERYS ,

                                                                Love the ideas, am truly inspired by them. So many techinques to learn! Thanks for everything including the feedback.

                                                                • reply Barbara Egnor ,

                                                                  AWESOME!!@!#@!! – thanks for the great idea!

                                                                  • reply E. Roter ,

                                                                    What a great idea to using leftover cane ends. I’m gonna try this one out, although I’m sure my results won’t be quite as beautiful.

                                                                    Love this blog – I get so many ideas, not to mention just drooling over all the great pix.

                                                                    • reply Donna AKA Artsycalgal ,

                                                                      These “trash” beads are fantastic! I have only dabbled in polymer clay but have been gathering all the materials to really get into it…and I could sure use a great book filled with tips and tricks of working with it. 😉 I love your blog!

                                                                      • reply Linda Vilas-Helton ,

                                                                        Dayle’s beads epitomize what I love most about polymer clay. There is no such thing as scraps or leftovers in PC…just piles of possibilities waiting to be explored, new creations waiting to be discovered…thanks for yet another great idea.

                                                                        • reply Louise Traylor ,

                                                                          Something great always comes when two great artists are working together.
                                                                          You have changed a paper-bead technique into some very exotic beads that are both beautiful and very unique. What a treat!!!

                                                                          • reply Tina Wade ,

                                                                            Dayle what great beads! Thanks for sharing.

                                                                            • reply Carol Weisberg ,

                                                                              Ah, I have a small collction of paper beads made from leftovers (never scrap!). I haven’t thought of flattening them. As usual, a wonderful idea from you! Hope you pick me for the book.

                                                                              • reply Jenny Tabrum ,

                                                                                All of my trash should look so good!

                                                                                • reply Ms Muffin ,

                                                                                  Wow, can not believe these beads are made out of “trash”. They look beautiful!!!! I love the texture … and the colors.
                                                                                  Loving your posts … they make me see each day that there is so much I have to learn about polymer clay and that the possibilities are truly endless! 🙂

                                                                                  Thanks also for a chance to win the book! Sounds amazing!

                                                                                  • reply Renee Dauphin ,

                                                                                    I thought I left a comment yesterday but I don’t see it there so here is my belated comment!!!… I love the textures on the beads, I never have enough scrap because there’s so many things to do with it! AND I definitely need some “Creative Sparks”. Thanks!!!!

                                                                                    • reply Edwina Sutherland ,

                                                                                      What a smart way to use the scraps! Love the result, Dayle! Of course, I know you are too cool for words!

                                                                                      • reply Beth McClellan ,

                                                                                        Love you blog and all the inspiration it brings. The book look amazing – I really, really want to win it.

                                                                                        • reply Deborah Martin ,

                                                                                          Cynthia, I look forward to your blog each day – thank you for finding such beautiful polymer artists to inpire us! I love your polymer embedded into your husband’s wooden bowls. Dayle, these polymer variations of the old paper beads are splendid. My favorite of your work is the whimsical spring flowers made with the gorgeous Skinner blends.

                                                                                          • reply Judy ,

                                                                                            What a fantastic idea – much better than making them bead cores, which is what most of my end pieces become. I’m just experimenting with texture and am having a great time. I’m definitely going to make some of these beads.Would love to win your book!!!!

                                                                                            • reply Margy Moranz ,

                                                                                              Sometimes I find that I like the piece I made using scrap better than the original project itself:)

                                                                                              Cynthia, I look forward to your posts every day. Reading them is a part of my regular bedtime routine and gives me something to ponder as I drift off to sleep.

                                                                                              • reply Debra Gibson ,

                                                                                                How creatively genius it is to see someone take something from nothing and turn it into something so fantastic! Thank You !, for the great idea and please enter me in this giveaway ! I have been working with polymer clay for 7 years now and I am always amazed at the art that comes out of these little blocks of color! I have also been very lucky to have such a good friend who has been my mentor Kathie Brifer Gose aka ( dragonsglass.com) she is an awsome artist and I live very close to the great Ms. Karen ( Klew )Lewis who is a very gracious lady and another wonderful artist ! I would so love to win this book I’m always looking for new ways to add to my collection of new ways with clay and this would be grand ! Thank You for the opportunity !
                                                                                                dgibson@bak.rr.com Good Luck To All !!

                                                                                                • reply suzanne ,

                                                                                                  after playing all evening with clay, i amassed a lot of “trash” by trying out some things. thanks for the brilliant idea! i love PCD so much, because i get to see and learn such fantastic ways of using polymer clay!

                                                                                                  and the book looks really good. there’s never enough tips and tricks to learn. hmmm, might i be a lucky one?

                                                                                                  • reply Gayle ,

                                                                                                    Just goes to show an artist can make scraps into serendipity!

                                                                                                    • reply Elaine ,

                                                                                                      I love that every scrap of polymer can be used in so many different ways. Sometimes when I’m just trying to figure out how to do something, I find what I created to be better than my original idea. Thanks for another way to look at the material!

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