An accurate polymer picture…

As a guest blogger, I would like to direct your attention to an issue that affects the polymer community and to offer you the opportunity to have your opinion heard.

The manufacturers are grappling with many issues that center around reformulating polymer and bringing the best product to market. Your response to this comprehensive survey allows you to rank which issues are most important to you. With an accurate picture of our needs manufacturers may make products that suit us better.

Grab your favorite beverage and expect to invest 10 to 15 minutes of your time to answer 40 questions. The responses will be tallied and sent as one document to all the polymer manufacturers. Here’s the survey.

As a thank you for your efforts, you will have a chance to win an autographed copy of Terra Nova – Polymer Art at the Crossroads, released in conjunction with the opening of the Racine Art Museum’s exhibition. This special book has been signed by all the boundary-breakers! To enter the drawing, fill out the survey and comment on this post “I took the survey.” Then check next Monday to see if you won.

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Carol Dotin, winner of this giveaway. Thanks to all who participated.

guest post from Lindly Haunani

  • reply Erin Prais-Hintz ,

    I took the survey!
    I would love to get to Racine to see all of this in person.
    Enjoy the day!

    • reply Charlene "Cat" Therien ,

      I took the survey.

      • reply Erica Shields ,

        I took the survey! It also made me realize how much more I could be doing with what I know.

        • reply Brenda Urquhart ,


          • reply Roberta Altshuler ,

            I took the survey.

            • reply Tina Wujick ,

              I took the survey!

              • reply Nicki Piaget ,

                I took the survey.

                • reply Leslie B Bohm ,

                  I completed the survey

                  • reply Leslie B Bohm ,

                    I took the survey

                    • reply Pat Summers ,

                      I took the survey.

                      • reply Nuša ,

                        I took the survey.

                        • reply Jill Palumbo ,

                          Hi Lindly – great workshop last weekend here in Indiana!
                          I took the survey.

                          • reply Lisa ,

                            I took the survey. Thank you.

                            • reply Laurel Steven ,

                              I took the survey and would LOVE to win the book!

                              • reply Susan Gross ,

                                I took the survey.

                                • reply Deborah Hutchison ,

                                  I took the survey

                                  • reply Donna Ingram ,

                                    I took the Survey !!!!

                                    • reply Susan C. ,

                                      I took the survey, and I realize there are some clays that I haven’t used at all, and situations that I haven’t had to deal with. I’m sorry I will miss the exhibit; glad it got done.

                                      • reply Jill ,

                                        “I took the survey.”

                                        • reply Maria L ,

                                          I took the survey.

                                          • reply Martin Caraballo ,

                                            I took the survey.

                                            • reply Sian ,

                                              I took the survey.

                                              • reply JoLecia Crowe ,

                                                I took the survey! I’m so glad to see that this is being done. It’s long overdue and hopefully the respective companies will be privy to the results and responsive. I was also surprised to see two other polymer clay magazines listed that I had never heard of. I’ll have to look those up!

                                                • reply Teresa Rivers ,

                                                  I took the survey.

                                                  • reply Deb Goleb ,

                                                    I took the survey.

                                                    • reply kay bonitz ,

                                                      I took the survey. Might just try some of the clay brands I haven’t ever used.

                                                      • reply Ulrike ,

                                                        I took the survey (sorry for the dublication, I misspelled my mail-address)

                                                        • reply Denise Rieth ,

                                                          I took the survey

                                                          • reply linda ezerman ,

                                                            I TOOK THE SURVEY

                                                            • reply Beth Ackley ,

                                                              I took the survey.

                                                              • reply Sofie Skein ,

                                                                I took the survey! Thank you ~ I learned a lot from the questions.

                                                                • reply Marion ,

                                                                  I have only used Polymer clay seriously for a few months. Survey had some interesting points and gave me some ideas

                                                                  • reply SharonBee ,

                                                                    I took the survey. I hope that our answers have a positive impact.

                                                                    • reply Carol Dotin ,

                                                                      I took the survey

                                                                      • reply Lisa Whitham ,

                                                                        I took the survey… 🙂

                                                                        • reply Andy Langlois ,

                                                                          Took the survey too! Some good questions in there!

                                                                          • reply Jan Carson ,

                                                                            I too took the survey.
                                                                            Like Erica I realized how much I don’t keep track of about my clays, and how many more I should try.

                                                                            • reply Diana ,

                                                                              I took the survey

                                                                              • reply Myra ,

                                                                                I took the survey!

                                                                                • reply Diana Catalina Ledesma ,

                                                                                  I took the survey! This is a good idea!!

                                                                                  • reply amy gebhardt ,

                                                                                    I took the survey!

                                                                                    • reply Rhoda ,

                                                                                      I took the survey! Hopefully things change for the better.

                                                                                      • reply Linda Wentink ,

                                                                                        I took the survey.

                                                                                        • reply Rebecca ,

                                                                                          I took the survey.

                                                                                          • reply Jan Whetzel ,

                                                                                            I took the survey.

                                                                                            • reply Pat Ghadbane ,

                                                                                              I took the survey.

                                                                                              • reply Christine Dumont ,

                                                                                                I took the survey. Thanks so much to all who participated in developing it.


                                                                                                • reply Stacia Schwartz ,

                                                                                                  I filled out the survey! Good job with the questions.

                                                                                                  • reply Debra DeWolff ,

                                                                                                    I took the survey! Thanks!!

                                                                                                    • reply Amerie Helton ,

                                                                                                      I took the survey and am glad I did. I only wish it had a place for comments.
                                                                                                      I am very angry at Premo for removing some of the “Painter’s” colors I relied on (Cobalt Blue, Zinc Yellow, etc). Even if they bring them back, they’ve lost my trust, and I will probably never use Premo again. Especially since I heard they ignored all the outcry at the changes.
                                                                                                      I plan to switch to Kato, which has almost all the primaries I need. I would like Kato to have a reddish yellow, like Premo’s cadmium yellow. For those who are curious, I use the palette described in the book “Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green”
                                                                                                      I’d love to win the book, but I’d rather these comments made it to the manufacturers.

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