Damm style!

My shoulder aches because of Christine Damm’s sumptuous style. Let me explain.

I’m silhouetting much of the artwork for my upcoming Global Polymer book (August 2013), removing the backgrounds in Photoshop like I do every day for PCD. This weekend I was sailing through the long list of assignments from the publisher until I hit upon Christine Damm’s photos.

The wires, the twists, the textures! Her beauties are dense with details that have to be outlined and carefully cut out on the computer. I’m taking a break, giving my mouse hand a rest and showing off my/her work.

You may enjoy Christine’s most recent post where she talks about her style and how it developed. “When you begin to dedicate substantial time to your artistic work, whatever it is, your style begins to emerge, no matter where your creative experimentation takes you,” she explains. ” Before I began using polymer as my primary medium, I felt that I really didn’t have a style,” she says. There’s no mistaking Christine’s style now and her pieces tell great stories.

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