Buying kisses, giving away magazines

Our surveys showed that only two percent of polymer artists are men. That statistic may have contributed to the popularity of Dan Cormier and Staedtler’s director of marketing Nils Henssen during the Synergy3 auction.

Saskia Veltenaar and Marjon Donker, publishers of the Polymer To Art Magazine started the silliness by requesting Dan’s kissable stubble as an auction item (a bold move considering that Tracy Holmes was the auctioneer). When Saskia and Marjon later proposed Nils as an item, Hollie Mion and I could not let the Europeans outbid us. Here’s Nan Roche dropping out.

Wind Issue

To raise the stakes, I offered a PCD post that would document the event. I’m paying up with this post. Here are the two kisses that raised hundreds of dollars for IPCA. It was hard to explain to my husband how I placed a winning auction bid and came home with nothing.

Giveaway 5 magazines

Silliness aside, the Netherland’s Saskia and Marjon are offering a copy of this month’s issue of their international magazine, the Wind issue, to FIVE lucky winners who leave a comment on this post. Sign up before Tuesday midnight to be entered to win. Winners will be announced Wednesday.

  • reply Cheryl ,

    It looks like a win win for both the kissers and the kissed. Cute idea and the photos are great. I would also love to win a copy of the magazine.

    • reply Cherise ,

      This looks great! I would love to check out the magazine!!

      Thanks! 🙂

      • reply Sue Urich ,

        I think you came home with memories and inspiration.

        • reply Barbara McGuire ,

          Cynthia – It wasn’t the Dutch girls that solicited Nils……It was Dan’s suggestion – that’s the note we (Sage) passed to Tracy. Just part of American hospitality. Whoops! – Canadian. Or polymer community? Dan exemplified a willingness to share! Everyone benefits.

          • reply Melanie ,

            Sounds like a fun weekend. Would love to see the magazine. Thanks for the opportunity.

            • reply Irene Semanchuk ,

              I love it when everyone wins! 😀

              • reply Pamela Carman ,

                With the silliness, laughs were shared & money was raised. Thank goodness for such good sports like Tracy and Cynthia’s husband! I would love to win a copy of the new issue : )

                • reply Joyce ,

                  I would enjoy reading your magazine and sharing it with others in my polymer class.

                  • reply Joyce ,

                    I would enjoy reading your magazine and sharing it with other in my polymer class.

                    • reply Chris ,

                      You all look as if you had THE most fantastic time

                      • reply Melodie Fairburn ,

                        wow wee.. Excited

                        • reply Ann Shea-Smith ,

                          Wish I had been there! Have sure enjoyed all the pictures and reports from the conference. Maybe next time…

                          • reply joan Israel ,

                            I would love to have a subscription to the magazine ,but I can’t figure out how to subscribe to it

                            • reply Jan Bush-Wood ,

                              Ahhh, sweet ladies giving kisses. I’d love to have this magazine.

                              • reply dana ,

                                i teach a fine craft course at a high school in Florida, and I have guys that sign up for it, as well as the girls. Some of the best pieces in polymer have been created by the guys– they don’t realize that it is a media that can be used in so many ways until they get a chance to use it themselves!

                                • reply Wendy Oestreicher ,

                                  Would love to win the magazine and wouldn’t mind a chance to kiss Dan C.! Since only one is available, I hope I win the magazine. About Dan… a girl can always dream!

                                  • reply Denice ,

                                    Kisses are a wonderful way to raise awareness and you. Reminds me if an old fashioned kissing booth.
                                    Meanwhile, I love waking up to PCD every day. It takes me to places on the web I would never find.
                                    Thank you.

                                    • reply Marcia Morton ,

                                      Nice photos! And a great idea to raise money for IPCA.

                                      • reply Glenda ,

                                        Win-Win is always great!

                                        • reply Lorraine Vogel ,

                                          Synergy3 = fun and more fun, apparently! I would love to win the magazine and become inspired!

                                          • reply Bonnie Kreger ,

                                            Those are really cute pictures and I love that magazine. I wish I would have ordered the ones I have in print instead of in an e book. I would love to get the next one too. Thank you for the contest.

                                            • reply Pat freeman ,

                                              Looks like a great time was had by all-especially the men!
                                              I would love a copy of your magazine!

                                              • reply Pam McClung ,

                                                If I can’t win kisses that neat magazine will do instead! Looks like fun was had by all. Great to see Holly’s name – she and I were roomies down a clay retreat at Arrowmont (Gatlinburg, KY) years ago.

                                                • reply Irene Corman ,

                                                  Synergy was amazing and the night of the auction a hilarious time. Winning a copy of the magazine would be great also! Thank you.

                                                  • reply Shanna ,

                                                    Sounds like a great idea and an exception to the rule
                                                    Of don’t kiss and tell.
                                                    Would love to win a copy of the Wind Issue

                                                    • reply sherril olive ,

                                                      what a good idea to raise money. I would love to win a free copy of the magazine

                                                      • reply Kathy Hepburn ,

                                                        Thanks for any and all news from Synergy. Hopefully I’ll haven’t own in- person experience some year.

                                                        • reply Sandy ,

                                                          What a cute idea for an auction!

                                                          I only recently discovered the “From Polymer to Art” magazine and was looking into a subscription just last night. Shipping to the U.S. is rather steep, though. 🙁

                                                          I’d love to win a copy, thanks for the chance!

                                                          • reply Marlene Wilson ,

                                                            This is a great example of thinking out of the “mold” (box)! You raised money and it might even raise the % of men who work with polymer!

                                                          • reply Lisa ,

                                                            Although kisses are good, I’d love a chance to win!

                                                            • reply JL ,

                                                              New to me magazine, TY for letting us all know.
                                                              Also TY very much for your posts sharing with us, your Synergy3 ADVeNTUReS!

                                                              Wishing ALL the best of LUCk!

                                                              • reply Jan Montarsi ,

                                                                Please Put my Name in the Hat !!!!
                                                                I love to see the Magazine .

                                                                Jan Montarsi

                                                                • reply Carrie ,

                                                                  I have been wanting to check out the magazine, this would be perfect!

                                                                  • reply Lori ,

                                                                    How fun this most have been! Cool to hear that it was Dan Cormier’s idea (thanks Barbara!) Would love to be able to check out “Wind,” esp after reading Sage’s post about the magazine yesterday!

                                                                    • reply Charlotte ,

                                                                      Ha ha the guys ain’t complain’, looks like fun times for all. Hope I can make it sometime.

                                                                      • reply Sarah Ziegler ,

                                                                        I would love to get my hands on that magazine! Pick Me!! Pick Me!!!

                                                                        • reply Teresa ,

                                                                          The mag is new to me but looks fab. Would love to check out an issue.

                                                                          • reply Beth Wegener ,

                                                                            Fun fun fun. Count me in.

                                                                            • reply valda belyeu ,

                                                                              Love how you share the art and the fun of polymer clay and it’s artists! Would love to win the magazine! Thank you for all you do! I look forward to your posts everyday!!

                                                                              • reply Lucy Terpenny ,

                                                                                It looks like Synergy can be fun as well as educational.
                                                                                I have not seen this magazine before and I will check out the website.

                                                                                • reply Kathi ,

                                                                                  OMG I do not think I have laughed as hard as I did that night. Those two crazy lovable Dutch ladies almost brought the house down. I did so love “stealing” the men away until they had paid up though

                                                                                  • reply Lupe Meter ,

                                                                                    Looks like everyone had such a great time! I would love to win this magazine!!

                                                                                    • reply Susan White ,

                                                                                      Really enjoying your reporting on Synergy. Must be wonderful seeing so many polymer clay people at the same place!

                                                                                      • reply Donna ,

                                                                                        Looks like everyone had lots of fun. Would love to win a copy of the Wind issue of From Polymer to Art.

                                                                                        • reply Trina Williams ,

                                                                                          Shades of one of the Ravensdale conferences where Jeff Deaver raised big bucks with a vial of his saliva! And with Tracy as the auctioneer it had to be fun!

                                                                                          • reply Deborah ,

                                                                                            Synergy3 sounds like such a fun, informative event. It would be great to win a copy of Saskia and Marjon’s Wind Issue!

                                                                                            • reply Cathy Graziano ,

                                                                                              Sounds like Synergy3 was another success with tons of fun and learning. Would LOVE to read this magazine!!

                                                                                              • reply Barb Alexander ,

                                                                                                Synergy was beyond amazing and the night of the auction was non-stop belly laughing. Tracy (Holmes) was hysterical, as usual, and the guys were very good sports. I don’t know if this was Nils’ first time at a US-based polymer conference but he was grinning ear-to-ear and obviously enjoying himself immensely (the bottles of wine on that European table may have helped them get up the courage to act out their silly ideas…which were very much enjoyed by all). I predict the next Synergy, which will take place in Europe, will be a huge amount of fun and learning.

                                                                                                • reply Bonnie Cheuvront ,

                                                                                                  A beautiful, informative magazine. I would love to have this issue; thanks for the opportunity.

                                                                                                  • reply Carolyn Hasenfratz ,

                                                                                                    I know three men who like Polymer Clay! I’d love to get a copy of the magazine.

                                                                                                    • reply Seth Savarick ,

                                                                                                      I’m in!

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