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Thanks to you, the Samunnat Raise the Roof project is building a second story for our Nepalese sisters! Since donations have come from around the world, it takes a while to transfer funds and reconcile currencies. Not to mention that PayPal decided to closely scrutinize the Nepal/Australia account that was suddenly receiving funds. That caused delay in the final tabulation (over $10,000).

But all is well. The builder has been given the go-ahead and the blocks and cement are on their way. You have provided a secure and safe base for Samunnat to flourish. In this 2-minute video, several of the women talk about themselves and express their gratitude as project administrator Kopila Basnet translates.

If you have a few last-minute gifts to purchase, pay it forward by making a donation and printing out a gift card to put under the tree. Fencing, furniture, maintenance and other items present continuing challenges and your donations are put to good use. Keep on clicking!

Thank you, PCD readers and friends. I’ll be traveling to Nepal after EuroSynergy in Malta this spring to bring you more first-hand reports.

  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    I’m so proud to have been a small part of such a hugely important project. What a wonderful thing for the Ladies of Samunnat. Thanks to everyone starting with Ron and his beginning donations and you Cynthia for spreading the word.


    • reply Deborah Ross ,

      I’m so thrilled to hear that the goal has been reached and in the future the Samunnat ladies will have a permanent place to call their own!

      • reply Ron Lehocky ,

        This is my best Christmas ever. I cannot remember when I felt so good about giving a gift that mattered so much to so many. Thank you all who added to the initial grant to raise the roof on the Samunnat project. We should are all be dancing in joy. As Cynthia said the donations can continue since no construction estimate stays in budget and there is a lot more money needed to turn a “house” into a HOME.
        Now I need to shop for a cow. What model is better: the 6 udder or 8 udder version?
        Happy Holidays to everyone and one more BIG THANK YOU! We have changed the future of many brave, pioneering and deserving women.Who knew a simple request for heart pins from Wendy Moore would have lead to this!!
        I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the generosity of the Simply Slicer maven, Lee Ann Armstrong, for generously donating receipts from her sales on CyberMonday. Bless you.

        • reply Priscilla ,

          Thanks to you–Ron, Cynthia, Lee Ann and all who posted and shared the info–for being generous and committed leaders of this effort

          • reply Kopila Basnet and Wendy Moore ,

            This is a special time for us too Ron. The partnership we have with the polymer community is something so special, so encouraging. You, Cynthia, Deb, Alice, Lee Ann, Priscilla, Barb, and so so many more of you who make any obstacles in our journey easier to overcome. Please read our very heartfelt thank you to you all on our Colourful Journey blog here: http://acolourfuljourney.com/2013/12/16/through-the-roof/
            While we may not have too much variety in udder quantity, you may get a choice with cow colours! And maybe one Diwali, you can come and put marigolds on the cow! Wendy, Kopila and the gang!

            • reply Bettina Welker ,

              So good to hear that the goal is reached before christmas!
              Thanks to everybody who donated for your generosity and thanks to Ron for reminding us from time to time that it’s time for a little help from friend to friend;) Helping these lovely ladies (and good causes in general) feels so much better than buying and recieving Christmas presents. Well, this actually feels like i already got mine;)

              happy holidays to everybody

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