Polymer pocket cat

Pajutee on PCDaily

To create this tiny Pocket Cat, Oregon miniature animal artist Kerri Pajutee blends polymer clay and wraps it over an armature of aluminum foil wrapped in masking tape and wire. Using tweezers and glue, she then methodically applies a permanent fiber coat layer by layer.

You can follow her step-by-step on her site where she even offers tutorials for her incredibly detailed work. Kerri limits her production of these 1:12 miniature sculptures to keep her life balanced.

Her Flickr site contains an unbelievable herd of tiny animals. Susan Lomuto featured them yesterday on DailyArtMuse (have you checked out her MAM newsletter) and I couldn’t resist the link.

  • reply Diane ,

    It’s hard to believe that this is not a real cat! What an amazing artist! She completely tricks the eye. How meticulous her work is. Wow.

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      O. M. G. !!!!

      Her cat faces are absolutely purrrrfect! ;^) I wish I could do that. Amazing.

      • reply Norma ,

        Amazing! One can think is just a huge ipod! 😉 Incredible Artist!

        • reply Lori ,

          I thought this was a photograph of a real cat. This work is unbelievable. Wow!

          • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

            OMG…what talent and patience…her flickr page is amazing, unbelievably realistic…this kind of talent is not aquired…it’s a GIFT…

            • reply Meisha ,


              • reply Priscilla ,

                As a maker and collector of miniatures, I can say these are truly amazing. She even has an Ugly Cat!

                • reply Priscilla ,

                  Or is his name Grumpy Cat? Anyway, her version is spot on.

                  • reply Alison ,


                    • reply Jan Montarsi ,

                      Truly Amazing !!!! I went to a Kennel Club Xmas party tonight. I couldn’t get my Ipad back. once I showed your work.!!

                      • reply Ginny Baker ,

                        I own a little deer figurine created by Kerri and I have to say her work is absolutely exquisite in person. So very lifelike!

                        • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                          Ginny, I lust after something by Kerri — can I ask the price range for her work? (I wasn’t able to locate that info yet…) If you see this, could you let me know? Thanks!

                          • reply Ginny Baker ,

                            Hi Sherry,

                            Kerri sells her work on ebay. Her originals, sculpted in polymer clay, she sells under the “willow rd” ID. They usually range in price from several hundred to several thousand. I have seen several of her cats sell for over $5000! She also has another ID on ebay called “paizleypawz” where she sells plastic or resin animals that she has remade/resculpted and covered in faux fur. Those usually go for much less than her originals, but most still sell for hundreds of dollars. The deer I have by her is a remake of a Schleich deer. Her remakes are honestly every bit as exquisite as her originals. I was lucky to snatch my deer up for $145 before too many people had caught on to the fact that “paizleypawz” was actually Kerri Pajutee. 😉 You can find pics of her remakes on her http://www.paizleypawz.com website.


                            • reply Ginny Baker ,

                              P.S. Sherry, If you go to the http://www.paizleypawz.com website and look at the before and after pics, the little deer I own by Kerri is the “Curious Spotted Fawn” pictured there. It is truly gorgeous in person. 😉

                        • reply Moonweaver ,

                          OMGoddess! This looks a lot like my cats! Hard to believe it is not real!

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