Pinklily on PCDaily

I bet you have a pile of holiday scrap mounting up in your studio waiting to be turned into something wonderful. France’s Pinklily (Sandrine Arevalo Zamora) has just the new trick you need and her pictures are so complete that you won’t need any translation. She calls it the Rubik’s Cube Effect.

Pinklily on PCDaily

No fancy tools or solutions required. Assemble your most colorful scrap, some screening, netting, or needlework canvas (she uses “gardening mesh”), black clay and you’re set.

Maggie Maggio first pointed this out to me and I take that as a stamp of approval. Enjoy! Here’s Pinklily on Facebook.

  • reply Sandrine Arevalo Zamora ( Pïnklily) ,

    Thank you very much Cynthia ! 🙂
    Pïnklily ?

    • reply Bennie ,

      There’s an error on the page when I click on the link. 🙁 Looks like a cool idea though.

      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

        I’m not seeing the error…is it on PCD or on Pinklily’s page?

      • reply Suzie Thompson ,

        It isn’t an error. It just wants you to click to a translation thing if you want. It is in French.

        • reply Laura ,

          The tutorial was easy and fun looking!!! Thanks for sharing!

          • reply Priscilla ,

            The tutorial is terrific, but what I love is how Pinklily used those pieces. Very attractive.

            • reply Fiona Abel-Smith ,

              Thanks for the tutorial, it is great, and my mind is just popping with ideas now. Thank you Pinklily, and Cynthia for posting it!! 🙂

              • reply Hermine ,

                Félicitation Pinklily. Idée géniale!

                • reply Pïnklily ,

                  Merci beaucoup !! 🙂
                  I completed my tutorial with two other images, so you can understand without translation! 🙂
                  Thank you so much !!

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