Polymer copying

Copying with a happy ending from Lindly Haunani and Samunnat on PolymerClayDaily

Stories about copying often get ugly and contentious but not this one. This copying/sharing story is about generosity and hope.

Years ago Lindly Haunani gave the women of Samunnat Nepal permission to produce a few of her necklaces. Enough to purchase a storage cabinet that they needed.

Lindly’s petal designs contain echoes of her Hawaiian heritage. The bright flowers also resonated with Nepali culture.

The women so loved making the lei from Lindly and Maggie’s Color Inspiration book that it became a staple of their collection with Lindly’s blessing.

Lindly’s leis became Samunnat’s malas (modeled here by Sanjana) and the women’s project continues to flourish,

Wendy Moore’s post explains the story on their new website. Sign up for their newsletter for a chance to win one of the women’s latest necklaces.

Copying with a happy ending from Lindly Haunani and Samunnat on PolymerClayDaily

Scroll to the bottom of the first page on their new site and sign up at “keep in touch”

Our polymer sisters

Pramila and Sharmila have tested positive at Samunnat Nepal on PolymerClayDaily.com

Pramila and Sharmila are the “eyes” behind the polymer beads in this promo shot. They were two of the early artists in the Samunnat Nepal project begun 14 years ago and supported by polymer artists around the world. Both women have tested positive.

Without vaccines and good healthcare, the country is ravaged by COVID. So far Pramila and Sharmila have not required hospitalization but the situation is perilous for all the women.

While we slowly and happily return to normal, consider those in countries where the prospect of normal is a long way off. Keep these polymer sisters in your thoughts and prayers.

To donate, scroll to the bottom of their page to an easy PayPal donate button. Follow their progress on Instagram.

A late report from Wendy Moore: Sharmila seems to be recovering but Pramila is still getting very bad headaches.

It costs NRS 1000 ($8.39) to get tested and so Samunnat is paying for all the close contacts to get tested. The centre is more than half an hour away so we are paying for transport too. We have closed the studio until we see how things are.

We had been meeting at least weekly with Kathleen (Dustin) and the girls were so positive about this. And as we speak, a parcel of prototypes is heading to her.

Back with a splash!

Wendy Moore comes back online with a splash on PolymerClayDaily.com

While most of us are squirreled up at home, Australia’s Wendy Moore (after_the_monsoon) comes back online with a splash.

Wendy’s been watching quietly from the sidelines for a while as she took a break. Now she’s collaborating with Dissonance Fashion and creating new work inspired by Helen Breil and Bonnie Bishoff. Wendy’s resurgence shows us the value of taking time off!

Of course, her heart is never far away from the ladies of the Samunnat Nepal project that she has nurtured since 2006. Welcome back to good health and polymer, Wendy.

Make time on Wednesday for the free Fun At One on Craftcast. This week watch Deb Hart create her polymer eggs and see Deb Karash (prismacolor on metal) demo her black block tool.

Service worthy of particular recognition

Wendy Moore receives a medal from the Queen on PolymerClayDaily.com

Australia’s Wendy Moore was honored with a Medal of the Order of Australia on the Queen’s birthday yesterday!

Wendy was a moving force behind the 2006 launch of the Samunnat project for abused women in Nepal. She was skeptical about the logistics of the project, but a vendor requested that she teach what she was wearing so she jumped in.

Read the news reports and listen to Wendy explain here. Here’s a .pdf of the brochure that chronicles Samunnat’s growth and achievements.

The saga of Samunnat’s success has come from many sources and they all lead back to Wendy whose involvement has been key. She richly deserves this honor.

Ke Garne

Samunnat angels won't be flying this year. Ke Garne! on PolymerClayDaily.com

Three Samunnat ladies were due to fly from Kathmandu to Detroit in October for a US tour. This week Ron Lehocky and I learned that the US denied their visa applications. There is no appeals process.

Bummer! Or as they say in Nepal “Ke Garne” That’s a resigned, “What can you do?”

We imagined angels Gita, Pramila, and Kopila with their bags all packed.

“We knew it was a possibility that they wouldn’t get the visas but I guess we let ourselves feel hopeful. It all comes down to convincing the interviewer that you have adequate ties in Nepal to make sure you return,” says founder and organizer Wendy Moore from Australia.

Thanks to all you polymer folks who so graciously offered your help and hospitality. The funds raised for travel will be redirected to other projects. Samunnat is now in its eleventh year. Please follow them on Instagram and on their blog to track their progress.

Our apologies to our would-be visitors. Let’s hope the world becomes more welcoming in the future. For now, “Ke Garne.”

Polymer on target

Louise Fischer Cozzi's polymer on Artful Home are right on target on PolymerClayDaily

We love to search Artful Home from time to time to see if polymer is on target and selling in the trendy online places. Louise Fischer Cozzi’s target earrings are light and balanced. Look over her full line and be sure to note all her clever connections.

We want to stay on target for fundraising for the Namaste Tour too. Hop on over to the angels in the right column and donate in any amount. Ron Lehocky has a supply of Samunnat angels ready to fly off to your home. Contact him at rlehocky@bellsouth.net

Becoming an Instagram follower of SammunatNepal is another way to show them you’re watching and supportive. Thank you!

Help Samunnat take the next step

Angels in flowing sari silks from the ladies of Samunnat Nepal on PolymerClayDaily

A flock of angels will flutter through PCD this spring as we raise travel funds for the 3 Samunnat women who will visit the US in October for training and market development.

Gita, Pramila, and Kopila are anxious to meet face to face with those who have supported them and watched the Nepal project grow for 11 years!

The angels are elegantly draped in repurposed sari silks. Each artist has given her celestial creation a personality, tucked a special message for you under the bodice, and folded it into a gift bag.

Each costs $50 and will be mailed free in the continental US. Ron Lehocky is spearheading the effort. Make your checks out to Ron Lehocky. Mail to: 1763 Casselberry Rd, Louisville, KY 40205. Contact him at rlehocky@bellsouth.net

If you’d like to support Samunnat in other ways, you can click on the Paypal donate button next to the angels in the right column on PCD and make a donation in any amount. The ladies share their excitement on Instagram. Learn about Samunnat in a nutshell here.

I’ll be escorting the visitors and will talk about our plans, ask for your suggestions and help in upcoming posts. With your help, we can do this!

Note: Ron’s address is correct now!


Moore on PCDaily

If you’ve followed PCDaily for long, you’ll know that we have a special affection for Nepal and the ladies of the Samunnat project in Birtamod. Wendy Moore is there now, visiting and planning for the future which was surely shaken by Saturday’s earthquake. (She created these polymer sculptures.)

While Birtamod is 250 miles east of Kathmandu, the quake was definitely felt. The building that the polymer community helped fund still stands tall. Open fields around the building give the ladies a place to run to during continuing aftershocks. The country and many, many Nepalis are in great distress.

You’ll feel like you’re there as you follow Wendy’s first-hand accounts of this disaster on their Facebook page and blog. Your comments and thoughts are very meaningful to them. Please like and comment. It’s quite amazing to see how connected we are to our sisters a world away.

The donation button on their blog says Raise the Roof should you wish to help them. You can buy individual polymer beads at KazuriWest, their US distributor.

Because their Etsy shopkeeper (Wendy) is not at home in Australia, their finished jewelry is not available until she returns. For disaster relief, Wendy suggests giving to reputable organizations like the Red Cross. If you want a delightful snapshot of Nepali life, take some time to look through her After the Monsoon blog. Namaste.

Feel good Friday polymer

Tinapple with Sturla

My new polymer alter ego from Erica Sturla may skip around the pages of PCD to dress up the place and brighten some nooks and crannies. (What a fun business expense!)

Today she’s waiting for you on the “How to get noticed” page.

A roof over our heads

Give yourself a feel good moment and take pride in the lives you helped improve as you watch this 3-minute video of progress on the Samunnat Raise the Roof campaign that you funded last year in Nepal.

The Samunnat Etsy shop is back online now that Wendy Moore has returned home to Australia with fresh inventory. Catch up with her and the ladies from Nepal on the blog, in the store and at KazuriWest.com. Thank you for your continuing support.

Through the roof

[su_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/x6NX0Zsmo1o”]

Thanks to you, the Samunnat Raise the Roof project is building a second story for our Nepalese sisters! Since donations have come from around the world, it takes a while to transfer funds and reconcile currencies. Not to mention that PayPal decided to closely scrutinize the Nepal/Australia account that was suddenly receiving funds. That caused delay in the final tabulation (over $10,000).

But all is well. The builder has been given the go-ahead and the blocks and cement are on their way. You have provided a secure and safe base for Samunnat to flourish. In this 2-minute video, several of the women talk about themselves and express their gratitude as project administrator Kopila Basnet translates.

If you have a few last-minute gifts to purchase, pay it forward by making a donation and printing out a gift card to put under the tree. Fencing, furniture, maintenance and other items present continuing challenges and your donations are put to good use. Keep on clicking!

Thank you, PCD readers and friends. I’ll be traveling to Nepal after EuroSynergy in Malta this spring to bring you more first-hand reports.