Stacking snowflakes

Kurent on PCDaily

The holidays are mostly over but let’s take one last look before all the ornaments are put away. Slovenia’s Klavdija Kurent starts with snowflake cutters in stepped down sizes (I’m guessing here).

She colors the polymer cutouts and then adds textures and stacks them, adding more color and metallics for emphasis. There’s more of her distinctive style on her blog and her Facebook site.

You can see that Klavdija has some tricks up her sleeve and she’ll be sharing them in her Let’s Twist Again workshop at Eurosynergy in Malta. Contact her by email to register.

Mixed media is back

Mayorova on PCDaily

Tanya Mayorova’s mixed media combo will appeal to anyone who has been wondering what to do with a stash of unused beads. She wraps a mix of beads threaded on wire around polymer big-hole beads which have been stamped and given a metallic sheen. The effect is primitive, ethnic and very fashionable.

Tanya is from Russia and now lives in Spain. You’ll find lots more of her rich mixes of color and texture and media on Flickr.

Whew! PCD is back!

Starting the year with a clean slate, a new server and a promise to back up regularly. After a couple of harrowing days of outage, we’re ready to face 2014.

Colorful beginning

Good on PCDaily

Beginning today and for the next 10 days, Carolyn Good (2 Good Claymates) will start off the new year by sharing her polymer recipes for the 2014 Pantone Spring 2014 colors.

Carolyn admits that at first she wasn’t thrilled with the colors. Then she remembered that computer screens often aren’t accurate. ” When I compared the color numbers with my Pantone color charts and began to mix up these new shades, I started to feel more inspired,” she says.

Here’s the introduction video from Pantone to show you what’s trending. Check Carolyn and Dave’s site each day and pull out your copy of Polymer Clay Color Inspirations and splash color all over 2014.